The Impact of the Sino-US Trade War on China’s Economy

In response to the topic of Whether the Sino-US Trade war will affect China s economic operation , Liu Aihua, a spokesperson for the National Bureau of Statistics, said on the 15th that the long-term positive fundamentals of the Chinese economy have become more stable, the development space has continued to expand, and the ability to cope with external challenges has been continuously improved. There is a solid foundation for the steady and healthy development of the economy. The performance of the data can be said to be better than eloquence.

The State Council Office held a press conference on the morning of the 15th. A reporter asked: This time the Sino-U.S. Trade war continues to escalate. Impact?

Love Liu Aihua said that everyone has witnessed the economic performance since last year. Last year, China ’s economic growth was 6.6%, which is among the top in the world’ s major economies.

Unemployment surveys in cities and towns last month were around 5%, and individual months were below 5%. From the point of view of prices, the year-round price remains at a relatively moderate range of 2%. From the perspective of people s livelihood, the per capita disposable income of residents has basically kept pace with economic growth. Judging from the performance of the Chinese economy last year, the ability to resist risks has been continuously enhanced.

Love Liu Aihua further stated that from this year s data, GDP grew by 6.4% in the first quarter, and everyone generally thought it was better than expected. No matter from the perspective of macroeconomic fundamentals or the ability of enterprises to resist risks, it is the result of the continuous increase in policies, the implementation of active fiscal policies, and the steady role of monetary policies.

In general, China s economy has shown good resilience, full potential, and vitality, and its ability to respond to external shocks is constantly increasing. The performance of the data is arguably better than eloquence.

Love Liu Aihua pointed out that from a time period in the future, such a feature will continue. Whether in the short or medium term, these positive factors have not changed.

First, good toughness. After 40 years of reform and opening up in China, China s economy already has a relatively complete industrial system and relatively complete infrastructure, which is an increasingly consolidated material foundation.

From the perspective of labor force, talent, and manpower reserves, China currently has nearly 900 million working-age population, and 170 million of them are highly qualified personnel with higher education or vocational education.

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