The Mystery of the “Song City Ruins” of Baidi City

Terracotta warriors-discovered by peasants drilling wells, but after three years of hard work by archeologists, the White Emperor City in the Southern Song Dynasty regained its sight.

Since the 1970s, farmers in the vicinity of Baidi City have found a lot of rubble when they dig deep in the land during the process of land reform and farming. There are nearly ten centimeters of charcoal underneath, and the next big one can be lifted by eight people. Article stone. Perhaps Baidi City is full of monuments, and no one of the farmers realizes the value of these things. Most of the large stones dug out have become the foundation of their houses.

In 1998, the Chongqing Archaeological Institute began archeological investigations, exploration and excavations in Baidi City. After traversing the entire tens of square kilometers on both sides of the Yangtze River at the west mouth of Qutangxia, it was only 2000 that the Baidi City in the Southern Song Dynasty was initially identified and restored The basic appearance: that is, at the west exit of Qutang Gorge, there are still more than 7,000 meters of city walls, which are enclosed as a whole mountain city within a range of 5 square kilometers. The mountain ridge surrounded by the Baidi and Jigong mountains and the two mountain peaks are It has been a historical activity area and left a lot of architectural relics.

According to experts from the Chongqing Archaeological Institute, the White Emperor City in the Southern Song Dynasty was built next to the mountain. According to the direction of the city wall, experts judge that Song Cheng s defense focuses on the enemy in the west, which is consistent with the purpose of the entire Sichuan mountain city defense system at that time. According to the investigation and local anatomy, the existing city walls of the entire mountain city were built in a large-scale one-time construction in a short period of time. The construction method and style of the city walls are relatively uniform. Southern Song Dynasty celadon pieces, so experts have concluded that the mountain was built during the Southern Song Dynasty.

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