These 3 cities in Australia are the choice of most students

In Melbourne, there are many high-quality universities. Among the eight universities in Australia, two are located in Melbourne, namely the University of Melbourne and Monash University. In addition, there are also universities such as Royal Melbourne University of technology, Swinburn University of science and technology, Victoria University and so on.

Australia has a large number of high-quality teaching resources, and the local government also attaches great importance to education. Every year, there are many funds invested in education, which naturally attract a large number of foreign students.

Sydney’s unique geographical location near the sea has brought its natural tourism advantages, and its educational advantages can not be ignored.

Australia’s economic and tourism advantages cover up its educational advantages, but in fact, Sydney’s high-quality education has trained a large number of talents for it, and the highly developed city has retained a lot of foreign talents, which ultimately contributed to the formation of this international metropolis.

Sydney has two of Australia’s eight universities, the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales.

Brisbane’s social environment is relatively peaceful. Compared with the international Melbourne and Sydney, Brisbane is more localized and breeds the most orthodox Australian culture and education here.

The advantage of studying abroad in Brisbane lies in the relatively low price level. The living expenses in Brisbane are about 30% lower than the average level in Australia, which can save a lot of studying abroad expenses.

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