U.S. Western Australian Governor McGowan firmly optimistic about China’s economy

International Online Report (Reporter Li Dayong): From November 27th to 28th, the Mining Resources and Technology Conference was held in Perth, Australia. Participating governments and representatives of major mining companies around the world are full of confidence in China s economic development in 2020, believing that China will actively respond to the challenges and uncertainties of economic growth, accelerate reform and structural adjustment, and will also create opportunities for global partners.

At this meeting, facing the global large-scale mining companies such as BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Shell, the Australian Governor of Western Australia, Mr McGowan said that he is optimistic about China s future, not only because China keeps importing more than A $ 50 billion in resources from the state each year. The category-based products have surpassed the imports of other Australian states, and he believes that China s determination to develop the economy has not changed, and even the political friction between China and Australia cannot change the strong momentum of bilateral economic and trade cooperation. He disclosed that he had proposed to Prime Minister Morrison many times that Australian political circles should respect China more: Sino-Australian relations should continue to be fair, friendly and constructive. Western Australia is strongly optimistic about China s development. If China and Australia Differences in political ideas should be resolved at the national level t hrough diplomacy and dialogue with mutual respect.

Australian iron ore company FMG has exported iron ore to China for 11 consecutive years, and China s imports account for 90% of the company s annual output. As a result of close cooperation with China, FMG jumped from a small Western Australian plant to the third largest iron ore giant in Australia. Faced with some economists analysis that the Chinese economy will face serious challenges in 2020, the company s CEO Ms. Janis believes in the ability of the Chinese government to manage the economy: China s demand for mining resources still has an annual growth of 8%, maybe There are signs of slowdown in other industries, but there is no sign of weakness in the iron ore industry, and Chinese demand is still strong. We will not be affected by those outdated judgments because the Chinese government will take various measures to ensure that the Chinese economy operates in a reasonable range, regardless of whether it is through investment, expanding domestic demand and strengthening infrastructure that we all believe that the Chinese economy will perform well.

At present, 1.5 million people are engaged in mining resources mining in Australia, and the mining industry is one of the pillar industries in the country. Over the past 40 years, BHP Billiton, a well-known comprehensive resource company in Australia, has exported nearly 2 billion tons of iron ore to China. Barstow, president of the company s Western Australian iron ore business, believes that China s “One Belt One Road” initiative and other important policies will bring new growth points to the company: We have carefully evaluated China s One Belt One Road initiative and carefully analyzed the future Where is the development potential? We believe that if this initiative is successfully advanced, it will further increase the global demand for iron ore and bring us greater opportunities.

In addition to traditional energy, many mining companies also hope to have deeper cooperation with China in the development of clean energy. According to Nerme, Vice President of Woodside Energy Company, Pilbara, Western Australia: The transformation and upgrading of the Chinese economy is inseparable from high-quality clean energy. By providing high-quality liquefied natural gas, they hope to achieve win-win with China. In recent years, we have cooperated well with China. The development of China always provides us with new opportunities . For example, China needs a large amount of liquefied natural gas, and we have started to produce at full capacity. At the same time, because of the continuous expansion of production capacity, we are also developing while satisfying China. To other markets in Asia.

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