What are the traditional Chinese cultural customs?

There are three main aspects of folk culture

Material and folklore culture, with production, exchange, transportation, clothing, food, and residence as the main content;

Social folk culture, focusing on families, relatives, villages and towns, social structure, and etiquette;

Spiritual folk culture, including beliefs, ethics, folk oral literature, folk art, and recreational sports.

[Marriage etiquette] first appeared in the end of ancient dual marriage and the beginning of individual marriage, and gradually improved to the Western Zhou Dynasty, and gradually formed the Six Ceremonies of Nacai, Questioning Name, Najib, Admission, Invitation, and welcome. On this basis, it has evolved into marriage customs such as marriage proposal, courtesy, and marriage. It continues to this day and has become the main marriage custom in China.

[Funnel etiquette] According to archeological excavations, the funeral rituals in the Central Plains existed as early as 20,000 years ago. By the Zhou Dynasty, a relatively complete set of funeral etiquette had been formed and became an important etiquette in China.

[Customs at the age of age], such as sport fire such as stepping on stilts, rowing boats, playing lions, hanging lanterns, etc. Insert Ai Ye, Qixi star watching Qiqiao, Mid-Autumn Festival in August, Chongyang ascend in September and so on.

[Culture and Art] Costumes, ancient writings, poems, words, tunes, fu, folk music, folk drama, Quyi, Chinese painting, calligraphy, couplets, lantern riddles, shooting puzzles, wine orders, break words, idioms, etc.

[Minority Customs] The traditional culture of various regions and ethnic minorities living in the large family of the Chinese nation is also a part of traditional Chinese culture, such as sending gods to God in Xiangxi and so on.

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