What happened to China after the fall of the Song and Ming dynasties?

The Song dynasty fell, and the entire Chinese elite struck the Yashan Sea. The Chinese civilization inherited faults for thousands of years, and its influence has lasted far and wide.

Also known as No Huaxia after Yashan, and No Huaxia after Ming Dynasty, is a cultural and network argument. Proponents of this argument believe that the Yahan naval battle that marked the death of Song caused the traditional Han nationality to be completely replaced by the northern nomadic dynasty for the first time, and that the Chinese culture suffered a severe fault after the Yuan and Yuan annihilation of the Song Dynasty, and classical Chinese culture suffered Devastating.

There is no Chinese after Yashan According to Japanese records of poems from the Nanming survivors, the battle of Yashan and the naval battle was used as a metaphor for the defeat of the Southern Song Dynasty, lamenting the broken mountains and rivers, and the Shenzhou land sinking.

After the battle of the cliffs and mountains, the Song Dynasty went to ruin. Premier Zhou Enlai of the People s Republic of China once said: The historical sites of Yashan are significant. Although the Song Dynasty perished, many people continued to fight against the Yuan and maintained their national integrity. \\ u0026 quot;

When studying the reasons for China s modern backwardness, the theory of China s stagnation is a very hot topic. Hegel, Adam Smith, and authors of The Outline of the World History, Wells and Toynbee, have put forward similar views, only some The beginning of China s stagnation was set at the end of the Tang, Song and Ming dynasties. To find expressions similar to No Chinese after Yashan , it is not difficult to find the prototype of this sentence, which is from Qian Qianyi s Thirteen Autumn Hou Xing Xing :

The Battle of the Yashan Mountain was the last organized resistance of the Mongolian army in the Southern Song Dynasty. It was rumored that 100,000 soldiers and civilians had lost their lives in the sea. Lu Xiufu carried the young emperor in Yashan and jumped into the sea . For the first time in history, the central government has been completely replaced by a minority government. After the war, the Song Dynasty collapsed, and the Yuan Dynasty completely unified China.

These two sentences basically explain the two tragedies in ancient China, the two biggest tragedies. Personally, I believe that burning books and Confucianism, Song Mingming Ming, and the Qing Dynasty repair of the four books, destroyed most of the essence of my Chinese civilization .

Although there are five generations and ten countries in the middle, all these things are disorderly, but our Chinese civilization as the main body of the Central Plains culture has not been tampered with. The essence of our Chinese civilization is assimilation, because the Han civilization is not only owned by Han talents. The Han civilization is A civilization that has gradually evolved by itself, absorbing the essence of other ancient aliens. Therefore, the alien invasion cannot shake the essence of our company.

Until Song s arrival. In the past dynasties, even if the royal family were barbarians, our Central Plains were mostly Han culture and Chinese civilization, so they continued to evolve and survived. The biggest feature of Chinese civilization is its inclusiveness. In the past, all dynasties, whether it was Han or minority rule, were basically assimilated by the Han culture in the later period and merged into a new Chinese civilization. We must know that the four most ideological periods in Chinese history were the Warring States, the Three Kingdoms, the Southern Song Dynasty, and the late Ming Dynasty. These are not words that can be described by a hundred schools of thought.

The Song and Song Dynasties ended more than 400 years of division in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, unified the South, and advanced the empire s territory near Youzhou (Beijing), which came to an abrupt end after encountering the Liao people. During the centuries of the Song Dynasty, China has entered a glorious era after the Han and Tang Dynasties. Culturally: there are Tang poetry and Song Ci; ideologically: there are Song and Ming philosophies: science and technology, the Song Dynasty is also quite developed : three of the four inventions appeared in the Song Dynasty or carried forward, and mention of Chinese civilization seems to have something to do with the Song Dynasty; economically The Song Dynasty was the most prosperous era in China.

The Ming Dynasty is also a glorious era in Chinese history. The cultural and ideological heritage has inherited the essence of the two Songs, and the technology is even better than the two Songs. Chemical smelting has greatly improved. Petroleum extraction, the germination of chemical element concepts, and mathematical physics There are great accomplishments. Commercial prosperity was unprecedented. During the middle and late Ming Dynasty, agricultural products showed a specialized commercialization of food production, the non-agricultural population increased sharply, and capital accumulated, which gradually transitioned to capitalism. Politically, there is a cabinet. Later, the cabinet became the highest decision-making body of the central government, in fact, it is to rule the world with the emperor. Militaryly, the Ming Dynasty s firearms equipment rate was as high as 60%. In the later period, there were even full-armored armies and the formation of scale. If it were not for these fire-intensive and powerful firearms, how could the Ming Dynasty defeat the Portuguese fleet and recapture Taiwan. How could at the sunset of the Ming Dynasty defeat the Xunu who was in its heyday — Toyota Hideyoshi and his 200,000 Laos elite, making the Xunu no longer invade China for 200 years and suffered great vitality. After the death of Song Dynasty, the nation s best elements were basically lost, and the survivors were all enslaved people derived from the bad coins eliminated good coins rule. Therefore , the post-Song society was always filled with too many smooth life-saving philosophy. After experiencing Song and Ming Confucianism, especially the cultural self-castration since the Ming Dynasty, the remaining ancient Chinese civilization basically belongs to a civilization exuding a decadent atmosphere . Although ancient, it is a kind of old-fashioned wisdom that harms the best ingredients.. Although it is not inadvisable, it is deeply hindered by the historical pattern.

What kind of unity and sturdiness would the ancient Chinese heritage have? Even the relatively weak Southern Song Dynasty, where 100,000 soldiers and civilians spontaneously jumped into the sea, and when would such a solstice be possessed again?

When the Southern Song Dynasty perished, Japan quoted the nation s vegetarianism to mourn the demise of the Great Song Dynasty! For the Japanese ancestor Kublai Khan, the lord did not come to pay tribute and built 7,000 ships to attack, but the fleet was stormed Destroyed, the Japanese have since referred to this style as Kamikaze. The Kamikaze in World War II came from this allusion.

After the death of Tong Ming, North Korea and Japan believed that China was dead, and Japan has since slanderly referred to China as Zina. After the Meiji Restoration, Japan, which considered itself an orthodox Chinese, had launched the Sino-Japanese War such as the Sino-Japanese War under the banner of Zhiyiism. Tang, Song, and Mingshi, as two affiliated nations that sincerely dumped on Chinese civilization, Japan and North Korea are still prejudiced against China because of the loss of suzerain culture .

According to statistics, the historical economic value of the Qing dynasty was not as high as the economic value of the Ming dynasty at the end of the Han culture! After the Song Dynasty, the most outstanding elements of the nation were basically lost, and those who survived were bad coins eliminated good coins The slavery crowd derived from the law, so the society after the Song Dynasty is always full of too many smooth life-saving philosophy. After experiencing Song and Ming Confucianism, especially the cultural self-castration since the Ming Dynasty, the remaining ancient Chinese civilization basically belongs to a civilization exuding a decadent atmosphere. Although ancient, it is a kind of old-fashioned wisdom that harms the best ingredients.. Although it is not inadvisable, it is deeply hindered by the historical pattern.

I regard any event as unified and specific. The Northern Song Dynasty died in the Jin Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty died in the Peasant Uprising Army. However, after the demise of the Northern Song Dynasty, the residual power of the Song Dynasty can still be settled in the south for more than 100 years. However, after the demise of the Ming Dynasty, its residual power has only supported the south for more than 20 years.

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