What is the difference between China and Japan in treating cats? Great cultural differences!

We know that cats, as well-loved pets, have formed different cat cultures in various countries. However, due to the different cultures of different countries, the same kind of things and attitudes are different. Take the Meow stars, for example, China and Japan are very different. The editor has to say that the cultural differences between China and Japan are still very large. Let s take a look today!

In our country, the history of cats is also very long. However, domestic cats appeared very late. Cats are recorded in our Book of Songs, but they are wild cats, not domestic cats we see now. However, the cats in the Book of Songs are also the earliest records of cats in China.

When we were in the Western Han Dynasty, our ancestors also had the sacrifice custom of welcoming cats. The reason is very simple, because cats can prey on voles and protect crops. Therefore, in the Western Han Dynasty, cats are actually closer to cats in the modern sense. By the Wei, Jin, and the Northern and Southern Dynasties, cats at that time had been extensively fed by folks.

Japan originally had no cats. In the Nara period, cats were sent from China to prevent rodent infestations. Because the number is very small, only the royal family has the right to keep cats. In the Tokugawa shogunate period, Japanese cats began to enter the homes of ordinary people. Since then, cats have become more and more common in Japan.

It can be seen that the status of cats was originally sacred, because it catches mice and protects the property of farmers. However, as more cats have been raised, cats have been domesticated more and more obediently and become people. Pets now. Japanese cats were originally only raised by the imperial family and were a symbol of power. In China, cats have little to do with power, and they have been widely reared in the private sector since then, not a royal patent.

In ancient times, due to the fear of unknown things, there were cat demon stories in the folklore of China and Japan, and there were far more Japanese folk stories about cats than China. According to legend, there is a kind of cat and in the mountains, which is scary and can eat people. It is a scary wild monster.

There is also a kind of catification cat in Japan, which is a monster transformed from a domestic cat who has been living too long. There are evil cats and good cat monsters in cat cats. Good cat monsters usually look like girls., Like to be close to humans. In China, there are almost no stories about cat monsters. We know that the protagonist of a Chinese monster story is often a fox, not a cat.

In today s society, the people of China and Japan have different feelings about cats. In China, because cats have five fingers on each of their front paws and four fingers on their hind feet, there is a folk saying that cats are strange creatures that can connect yin and yang and can sense yin. Therefore, cats generally have a feeling of awe and taboo. In Japan, because of the aristocratic symbol of cats in history, folks generally have a kind of worship for cats.

Generally speaking, the image of cats is not very good, but Japanese people love cats more than Chinese people. For example, Japanese cartoons have created many rich and cute cat images, such as the popular Kitty cats, the robot cats in Doraemon, the touching cat images in My Neighbor Totoro and Cat s Retribution, etc. Wait, the images of these cats went global with Japanese cartoons. In China, although there are also some cartoons with cats as the main characters, there are no works with great influence.

It can be seen that the content of cat culture in Japan is more colorful than that in China. In daily life, beckoning cats in Japan are everywhere, and cat-shaped decorations and daily necessities are very popular, because in the eyes of Japanese people , cats mean gentleness and fortune. This is not the case in China.

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