Where does the US ’s 48 trillion China ’s 1 trillion military spending go?

Recently, according to media reports, US President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2019, and the US defense military expenditure in 2019 reached a staggering US $ 716 billion (equivalent to RMB 4.8 trillion)! Reached the highest level in history , even equivalent to the total military spending of other countries around the world.

The military expenditure of more than 700 billion US dollars is an astronomical figure. If it is used for purchasing equipment, it can exchange more than 7000 F35 fighters for the United States (about 100 million US dollars); or 350 Aegis guided missile destroyers ( 2 billion), or more than 50 Ford class aircraft carriers.

But the ideal is full and the reality is skinny. With a huge military expenditure of more than $ 7,000, the United States can only spend more than 230 billion dollars on purchasing / upgrading weapons and equipment, and this more than 230 billion dollars needs to be divided up by the United States Combat Support Force, Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marine Corps. Of these, 28% ($ 66.2 billion) was taken by the combat support force, 23% ($ 54 billion) was taken by the Air Force, and 14% ($ 33.1 billion) was taken by the Navy. The remaining Army and Marine Corps are only 7.2 billion US dollars and 2.5 billion US dollars, respectively, which can be said to be brother-in-law . In other words, the US military has a total of only 160 billion US dollars in scale equipment, and the remaining 100 billion US dollars are used to maintain and maintain equipment.

And more than half of the 700 billion US dollars in military spending is used for military work / living expenses and training expenses, accounting for about 60%. Among them, the US military will expand its army by 15,000 in 2019, and all US military personnel will increase by 2.6%. In addition, maintaining the operation of US military bases around the world and living expenses of personnel is also a huge amount of money. The rich food of American soldiers is well known to the world. More than 1.3 million US troops around the world eat nearly 40 billion US dollars every year just to eat!

In 2017, China s military expenditure was about 1 trillion yuan, and it seems to be full. However, in recent years, China s land, sea and air forces need to update a large number of weapons and equipment. RMB 600 million . In addition, China still has thousands of military aircraft, more than a hundred warships, and tens of thousands of tank armored vehicles in need of maintenance. There are also wages and benefits for more than 2 million soldiers and more than 700,000 armed police. The cost of purchasing new equipment may be About 100 billion yuan.

In addition, China s independent research and development of high-tech weapons and equipment requires a large amount of investment. In recent years, China has made breakthroughs in stealth fighters, high-precision ballistic missiles, supersonic aircraft, and aircraft carriers, all of which have consumed a lot of military expenditures. Therefore, although China s military expenditure reaches the second in the world, it is still equipped with backward equipment such as J-7 fighters, 59 tanks and brigade-class destroyers.

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