Where will China ’s first overseas military base be located in Djibouti?

Our next military base will be located in our brother s port of Gwadar, Pakistan.

In fact, China has eight bases overseas, but there is only one military base, that is, Djibouti. The next upgrade to a military base will be in these bases or ports.

Why did you say that? Let s start with Djibouti, our first military base. Djibouti is located in northeastern Africa and on the west coast of the Gulf of Aden. It is strategically important to guard the red sea s entry into the Indian Ocean.

As the only overseas military base in China, the Djibouti base has become a strategic support point for the Peoples Army overseas. It can continue to expand our influence in Africa to the west, directly counter the US s strategic deployment in Africa, and eastward can hold the Middle East Gulf, etc. In oil-rich areas, the oil transportation lines such as Japan, South Korea, and India have been directly monitored under the eyes and noses. It is conceivable that in the future, the oil transportation lines will be under the supervision of our powerful army, and the clowns will dare to arbitrarily. Entering the Indian Ocean directly, showing high-profile military presence, isn t this the best deterrent?

In this case, the establishment of a military base must meet the following conditions, which are indispensable.

First, geographical location.

Since it is still a military base, it must have a good geographical location, which is for strategic considerations.

Second, political conditions.

To set up a military base overseas, a country with a very strong relationship with China must be established, otherwise everything is nothing.

Third, the conditions of local residents.

Needless to say, if you set up a base and are constantly opposed or attacked by local residents, then you ca n’t expect it for long, and you ca n’t occupy it.

Fourth, natural conditions.

The natural conditions of the base need to be better. You cannot find a place with a harsh environment as the base, and other people and equipment cannot be stationed for a long time.

With the above conditions that the military base is still set up, let s look at the port of Gwadar.

First, the geographical location definitely meets the needs.

The port of Gwadar is located in the Markland region of western Pakistan, only 72 kilometers from the Iranian border and kilometers from the world s busiest oil transportation line. The strategic position of the throats of several maritime routes in the Pacific region is not inferior to Djibouti, which can be said to be even more important.

Second, Pakistan is a brotherly iron man with obvious political advantages.

Third, the Pakistani people also regard our people and the army as their own brothers, with a solid emotional foundation.

Fourth, Gwadar Port has unique natural conditions and is very suitable for building military ports.

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