Which five Chinese military schools in the world are on the list?

Military schools can train a large number of excellent personnel for the country. Each country attaches great importance to development in this area. Such schools are not accessible to students with rich or unilaterally high grades. The requirements for students are very high. The students who have successfully entered the school are all well-developed talents, and ordinary people may be far behind. Then there are five military schools in the world, and this school in China is on the list. This school is the National Defense University of the Chinese People s Liberation Army. Many talents or senior and middle-level leaders come from this school and can provide a large number of talents for the Chinese military.

The West Point Military Academy in the United States is one of the most famous military schools with a long history and the first military school in the United States. The school covers an area of ​​more than 16,000 acres, and there are many military- like buildings, such as the Washington Building and the Thayer Building. The school s environment is also very beautiful, providing a good learning environment for students. Students who can graduate from West Point Military Academy are at least the Second Lieutenant.

The Russian General Staff Military Academy is also on the list, mainly training senior military personnel, which is also Russia s highest military academy. Ordinary people are not allowed to attend this school, and have strict requirements for student enrollment. In addition, the combination of theory and practice is also valued, so a large number of talents have been cultivated.

There is also Cranwell Air Force Academy, which was founded in 1920. This school has other requirements for enrolling 16-24 year old high school or college students. Because it is an air force academy, they will recruit many excellent air forces on the other hand. The students are in the rank of second or lieutenant directly after graduation. The last one is the Berlin Military Academy. This school has been reformed again. It belongs to a higher military institution and is a public university. The average number of students is about 2,000 each year.

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