Who replaced her after Queen Bo’s abolition?

Liu Bang learned about Bo Ji in the chat between Mrs. Guan and Zhao Zierfeng. Because of her pity for Bo Ji, she called Bo Ji to sleep that night and gave birth after she became pregnant. Afterwards, Bo Ji was released by Lu Hou and accompanied his son Liu Heng to the fiefdom and became the queen of the king. After the death of Lu Hou, the question of who became emperor was hesitant. Although Liu Xiang and Liu Zhang are a little younger, they are too smart and capable to accept control.

At this time, the ministers thought of Liu Heng, who was unknown in the land. The ministers thought that Liu Heng was more honest and should be a better-controlled puppet, so the ministers chose Liu Heng to inherit the ceremony. This was the Han Emperor. Bo Ji was also changed from Queen Mother to Queen Mother. After Bo Ji became the empress, the first thing that came to mind was her own family. She was rich and rich, and she had to make her family rich. She thought that her son was an emperor and she was already a wife and concubine, so she would not consider it. Then thought of her grandson Liu Qi, who was the prince at that time, and the queen mother decided to choose a prince and concubine for the prince, and later the queen of the queen.

Prince-in-law inherited the throne for the emperor, and the princess would naturally become the queen. She became the queen herself. She wanted her granddaughter to be the queen and the queen-queen. The Empress Dowager Bo very much hopes that the marriage of Bo Liu will enrich the Bo family and consolidate her position in the Bo family.

Empress Bo Bo was the first queen of Emperor Jing King Liu Qi. When Liu Qi was the prince, her grandmother Bo Ji was the queen concubine designated by Bo Queen. After Liu Qi ascended the throne, the queen Bo also became the queen from the princely concubine. At the back of Bo Huang, Zhuang Xianshu, generous Xianhui, and Han Jingdi Liu Qi have been married for more than 20 years, but they have not been loved by Han Jingdi.

As for why he was not loved, this emperor Han Jing knew very well. Liu Qi himself is the grandson of the queen mother, while the queen of the queen is also the granddaughter of the queen mother. The combination of these two makes Han Jingdi feel a bit unreasonable. In addition, when Queen Queen Liu was still a prince, the Queen Queen forced the Queen Queen to become a concubine for the marriage of Bo Liu. How could this make Liu Qi be fond of Bo Queen.

Maybe it was because he was not loved by Emperor Jingde, or it was because he had no children because of physical reasons. Emperor Han Jing had a total of fourteen sons, each born of a concubine, but only the Queen Bo had no sons. In the Han Dynasty, a queen without a son must not have been able to stabilize her position for a long time. And since ancient times, the position of the queen has been dedicated to the mother of the prince. A queen without a son is in any case unable to sit in the seat of the mother of a country. As a result, Emperor Han Jing s harem was a storm, and a controversy was formed between the concubines and the concubines in the harem.

First, there is no son-in-law, and second, the Queen Queen ’s backstage. The Queen Queen died. Han King, who was dissatisfied with the Queen’ s political marriage, abolished the Queen shortly afterwards..

Six years before the Yuan Dynasty, Emperor Han King Liu Qi struck down the queen of the thin queen. In less than a year, Emperor Han Jing s beloved concubine Wang Xi became the queen, the second queen of Emperor Han King Liu Qi, and his son Liu Che became the prince. Queen queen, surnamed Wang Shanming, after the door. Her father was an ordinary person, but her mother was the granddaughter of Xiang Yu s 18th princely king Zhongyan Wang Zang Tu.

Wang Wangxu was married to a farmhouse when he was an adult, and gave birth to a golden custom for his grandson. Wang Zang s mother, Zang Er, met Zang Er to meet her children, and told Zang Er that Wang Xun was a rich man, and would give birth to a son. Zang Er was very happy to hear that. Wang Ye was also a very thoughtful woman, and she expressed her willingness to try as much as possible. Zang Er forcibly picked Wang Xi back, and asked Wang Xi to enter the womb. After Wang Yan was favored, her sister-in-law was also introduced to Liu Qi.

The King of Kings has three daughters and one son for Emperor Jingjing Han. The three daughters are Princess Pingyang, Nangong, and Longyou. One son was the later Emperor Han Wu of the Han Dynasty. After Liu Che married Han Jingdi s sister, Princess Guan Tao s daughter, Princess Guan Tao Liu Ye began to speak good things about Liu Che in front of King Emperor Liu Qi. Liu Qi also thought that Liu Chede was both capable, and Wang Ye also said that she dreamed of pregnancy Seeing the sun came to her belly, Jingdi thought it was an auspicious sign, so he was especially fond of Liu Che.

Two years after the new prince, King Jing abolished his first queen, Thin Queen. Due to Wang Xi s secret operation, he let the minister play King Jing with the son is the mother and the mother, the mother is the child. Emperor Jing was so angry that he ordered the killing of the minister of Shangzou and the abolition of Prince Liu Rong as the king of Linjiang. Li Ji was demoted to the cold palace. In April of the same year, Wang Ye was made the queen , and her son Liu Cheli became the prince.

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