Zeng Guofan’s official diary relies on two words!

Zeng Guofan s philosophy of life is different from ordinary people. He never believed in the four or two pounds trick, but admired the world is the most clumsy, and the world is the best.

Compared with Wang Yangming, who is also a literati leading soldiers, Zeng Guofan s battle is very rigid! Take a trick to strengthen a tough village and fight a dead war and eat all over the world!

Zeng Guofan relied on the trick of building tough villages and fighting dead wars, and was laughed by Zuo Zongtang as: Every pain is dull! That is to say, Zeng Guofan suffers from dullness and inflexibility. There are obviously fighters who do not catch it. Trench trenches for walls.

Buffett, the god of stocks, is very similar to Zeng Guofan. Each time he chooses a stock, he chooses it for a long time to calculate the safety margin of this stock (the bottom line of not losing money). The rest is waiting for the opportunity. After getting it, I will hold it for a long time and keep throwing it at my expectations! So Buffett talks about his cheats for making money, always saying: money is in that corner, I just pass it and pick it up!

Zeng Guofan s trick, whether it is Li Xiucheng, Chen Yucheng, Shi Dakai, but they are helpless! Especially the battle of Anqing and the nightmare of military genius Chen Yucheng. No matter what method is adopted, there is no way to take the Hunan Army. Let yourself be ruined!

Life is short and dozens of spring and autumn. The books to be read are so numerous that there are countless questions to be studied. Only by specializing in one profession and specializing in one study can you sublimate what you have learned and achieve success in a certain field.

Mortal people must pay full attention to this matter when they do it, unremittingly. I can t see the change of thoughts, think this way, sit here and look at that mountain. There is no permanence, nothing can be achieved for life.

After Zeng Guofan became famous, many people came to attach him, including some old Confucians. One of the Confucianists wrote a self-recommendation: even if the beauty is in front of me, I will not be tempted, and I will be seen by the staff of Zeng Guofan. In the letter, he said: Seeing the beauty is not indifferent, but he has not seen Zhongtang (Zeng Guofan s official position). Zeng Guofan saw it and hurry up. Let the staffs obliterate: Other people are seeking for a name and fortune. For him, don t humiliate and expose, otherwise you will be jealous and dont know how much harm will happen!

Including Zeng Guofan to go to Beijing to report work, bring 20,000 silver tickets, from the porter to the officials to do one by one, and if it is convenient, it is convenient!

So Zeng Guofan is in the officialdom, he can dance with long sleeves, he can reach every source, and he has a thorough understanding of the officialdom, like a master of Taiji, turning all kinds of problems into intangibles! He has obtained the strong support of six officials, emperors, colleagues, and subordinates!

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