After joining Chinese nationality: What is the nationality on their ID card?

As we all know, despite the development of human technology, every country on the planet is not far away.

Now Now, because China is developing very well and our law and order are very good, many old people want to join Chinese nationality.

However, as we all know, Chinese nationality is very easy to obtain, so foreigners who can all acquire Chinese nationality must have made a great contribution to us.

And there is a problem for foreigners to join Chinese nationality that has always troubled everyone. After the foreigners have acquired Chinese nationality, what is the nationality column on their ID card?

Everyone knows that from the time we were born, our nation has been determined, but foreigners do not belong to our nation. But after seeing their ethnicity column, netizens said, is it still possible?

First of all, he can write the Han nationality. This is because most people in China are Han nationality. This is also the simplest understanding of the Chinese by foreigners.

Second, they can write the name of the original country, and neighboring countries such as North Korea and South Korea, in fact, we already have such a nation, such as the Korean ethnic group!

In fact, it doesn t matter what you fill out in the Nationality column. The important thing is that although they have the faces of foreigners, they are also Chinese today!

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