American girls return to China after studying in China for a while and say frankly: It is still more

As we all know, China is now in a period of rapid development. It has to be said that the infrastructure is also becoming more and more modern, which has also attracted many foreigners to travel to China. Some people even choose to settle in after a period of life China also shows that China is becoming more and more attractive on the international stage.

American girls study in China and return to China after a while, frankly: China is still much more convenient! What the hell is going on here? It turned out that the American girl came to study in China and returned to her country after living in China for a period of time. She showed strong discomfort.

She even told her family that China s infrastructure today is very advanced. It can be said that it is on par with the developed countries. The high-rise buildings, traffic on the streets, and developed transportation facilities all highlight China s modernization process.

Of course, the American girl also said that China s daily life is also very convenient. What impressed her most is that you only need to bring a mobile phone when you go out, and you can travel throughout China. A QR code can be used to pay for a ride, and a taxi can be used to reserve a shuttle only through the mobile software.

And shopping is even more convenient. We have adopted WeChat, Alipay and other payment methods in major stores. You can pay without going out without a wallet. Of course, what is most satisfying to her is the Chinese takeaway service. Use your mobile phone to select the items, and then place an order for about half an hour, and the takeaway will deliver the food you choose to your hands.

I have to say that this series of very convenient operations is also getting more and more envious of American girls. She said that she can live a leisurely life in this way. After returning to her country, she felt various inconveniences. She said she also wanted to continue to live in China.

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