Can foreigners qualify for a loan in China?

If you apply for a personal first-hand housing loan with the Bank of China, both natural persons and foreigners with full civil capacity in the People s Republic of China can apply.

The borrower should meet the following requirements:

1) Have a permanent resident account or valid residence status in China (foreigners can also apply, for specific conditions refer to relevant regulations in various places;

2) Have a stable occupation and economic income, good credit, and the ability to repay the principal and interest of the loan;

3) A contract or agreement for the purchase of a home has been signed.

4) Must pay the first installment of the purchased house that meets the requirements of relevant regulations;

5) Provide a valid guarantee approved by the lender;

6) Other conditions stipulated by the lender.

Because there are certain differences in different regions, you need to consult your local handling agency when applying for a loan.

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