Can foreigners register companies in China? How is the registration process?

I think this problem is a problem that many foreign friends will think of before investing in China. In fact, China now very much welcomes people from all over the world to do business in China. Of course, those countries that have a bad relationship with our country are not in this welcome range Next, let me tell you about the conditions that foreigners need to meet to register a company in China!

Process Foreign company registration process:

First get the Application for Registration of Establishment of Foreign-invested Enterprise, and fill in the company name, business scope, company executives, and shareholders.

1. Check the company name, prepare about 1-2, and start the business registration after the verification.

2. Submit to the Foreign Investment Commission for approval certificate.

3. For the registered company s site, an office lease contract in Shenzhen (more than one year leased and filed by the Housing Authority) or the original Shenzhen real estate certificate can be provided. If you do not want to rent an office, you can do so without renting real office, We can provide a solution.

4. Produce industrial and commercial materials. The foreign legal person must sign in person at the Bureau of Industry and Commerce (if I cannot come, apply for a personal notarization) and apply for a business license (about 10 working days if the materials are complete);

5. After the business license is approved, go to the foreign company for the record. If the foreign business filing is not approved, the business license cannot be used.

6. Apply for tax registration certificate from the tax bureau; open the national tax and electronic tax bureau.

7. Bank to open account: Only when the company has opened a public account can it trade in China in the name of the company, making money transactions.

8. Those with import business need to go to customs, commodity inspection and electronic port registration

In the process of making business documents, some documents must be signed.

1. Notice of Pre-approval of Name.

2. Application for the establishment of a foreign-funded enterprise and the articles of association of the foreign-funded company.

3. Power of attorney of the executive director or chairman of the foreign-funded enterprise, power of attorney for legal service documents.

4. Feasibility report

Hongkonger: I bring a home permit to the Shenzhen Administration for face-to-face interview, or I go to a local law firm in Hong Kong for notarization, and then go to the Chinese Consulate in Hong Kong for certification. After the certification is passed, you can take the notarized document and act as agent.

Taiwanese: I bring a Taiwan compatriot card to the Shenzhen Administration for interview.

Natural person from other countries: I personally go to the Shenzhen Administration to personally sign up, or go to your local country to find a law firm s notarized passport basic information page, personal signature, and then go to the Chinese embassy in China to verify this notarization.

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