Can foreigners work in China without a work visa?

Foreigners cannot work in China without a work visa and will be punished if found. It is best to apply for a work visa. There are a lot of materials required to apply for a work permit for foreigners. The main thing that foreigners need is a crime-free certificate and academic certification.

Specific procedures for the application of the Work Permit for Foreigners:

1. The employer should apply for a Foreigner Employment Permit before planning to hire a foreigner for employment in China;

2. The employer approved to hire the foreigner shall rely on the Employment Permit for Foreigners issued by the labor security administrative department;

3. Foreigners who are allowed to come to China for employment shall apply for a professional visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate abroad with a permit issued by the labor department, a letter of notification from the authorized unit, and a valid passport or certificate that can replace the passport.

4. The employer shall, within 15 days after the entry of the foreigner who obtained the occupation visa, bring the relevant materials to the Labor and Social Security Bureau to apply for the Alien Employment Certificate for the foreigner.

5. Foreigners who have obtained an employment permit should apply for a residence permit with the public security department within 30 days after entry.

Foreigners coming to work in China should apply for a work permit (notification) in China and enter China with a legal visa.

Purpose Purpose and time of coming to China:

Foreign experts who are invited to come to China to engage in management, technology, scientific research, teaching, guidance, consulting, etc., who stay for less than 90 days (inclusive) should apply to the local Foreign Experts Bureau for an Invitation Letter for Foreign Experts to China through their units. The visa authority abroad shall apply for an F letter visa with a stay in China of 90 days or less based on the Invitation Letter for Foreign Experts to China.

(1) Applicants for short-term invitations for foreign experts to come to China should have: Have a clear task to come to Chongqing; 2. 2. Detailed schedule of activities in Chongqing; There is sufficient cost protection. For qualified applicants, the receiving unit should sign a short-term employment contract with them, and apply for relevant procedures through the foreign affairs department with their valid passports and other relevant materials.

Foreign personnel who are invited to China for short-term visits, exchanges, and inspections can apply for an F-type visa with a stay in China of up to 90 days (including) at the visa office abroad based on the Invitation Letter for Authorized Units. Units without the “Authorized Unit Invitation Letter” to issue qualifications may consult their own foreign affairs management department, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, etc.

A foreign expert staying in China for more than 90 days is considered as work, and visa and residence procedures must be completed in accordance with the rules for foreign experts to work in China.

Two Certificates in One

After the two certificates in one on April 1, 2017, the Foreign Expert Work Permit, Foreign Employment License, Foreign Expert Certificate, and Foreign Employment Certificate within the current validity period continue to be valid. After the expiry date, apply for a new permit in the Foreigner Work Management Service System in China. The original Foreign Expert Certificate and Foreigner Employment Certificate were unified as Foreigner Work Permit, realizing one person, one yard , and unchanged for life. By then, the application materials will be simplified, and there is no need to submit a unit application letter, permit stubs, and Chinese and foreign language resumes, etc. The amount of materials will be reduced by nearly half . To apply for the Foreigner s Work Permit Notice abroad, you need to submit an application form, work qualification certificate, highest degree (degree) certificate certified by the embassy and consulate, and the applicant has no criminal r e cord certificate (foreign high-end talents use a commitment system) Medical examination certificate, employment contract or employment certificate, and relevant materials such as meeting the qualification requirements of foreign high-end talents.

Applying for a visa to China

It is planned to employ foreigners to apply for a Z visa at the Chinese embassy or consulate in the country where their nationality is located, holding a visa notification letter, a work permit to come to China, and an official letter (invitation letter) from the work unit. Class A talents apply for the R visa. For specific requirements and materials for exemption, please consult the foreign affairs department or the foreign professional bureau of the unit.

Conversion of residence permit

After entering the country with a legal visa, you should register for temporary accommodation within 24 hours at the local police station; the reception unit will assist you in changing the residence permit. The required materials are: a valid personal passport, original and copy of Z visa, work permit for foreign experts to come to China, medical report, photos, digital collection receipt of photos and temporary accommodation registration form, valid copy of medical insurance, etc.

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