Can officials fight for custody

According to the relevant laws of our country, the principle of the court s decision on custody is that it is conducive to the growth of children, and there are situations where AIDS is obviously not conducive to the growth of children.

For both children under the age of two, both the father and the mother require that they live with them, and one of the following situations may be given priority consideration:

The children live with them, which is beneficial to the growth of the children, while the other party suffers from incurable infectious diseases or other serious diseases, or has other conditions that are not conducive to the physical and mental health of the children, and it is not appropriate to live with the children.

1. Evidence of the basic conditions of both parties. In the divorce case, the basic conditions of the husband and wife, such as wages and cultural qualifications, are generally not large, but this does not mean that there is no gap. For example , the ideological quality of the direct caregiver will directly affect the healthy growth of the next generation. Therefore, it is more important to obtain evidence in this regard.

2. Evidence collection of basic conditions of both parents. Many times, children especially for preschool children, not the husband and wife, but the parents of one. Therefore, the child s past living environment, as well as the opinions and physical conditions of the parents who have taken the child for a long time, are often an important aspect that affects the child s custody.

3. Evidence of children s living environment. The principle of handling child rearing in divorce cases is conducive to the healthy growth of children. If the two parties divorce, but one of them is closer to the school, or the living quarter is mature , it is most beneficial for the child to enter school and live. Of course, the possibility of getting child custody will be even greater.

4. Your child s opinion is very important. Children over the age of ten generally have a basic understanding of the meaning and consequences of divorce, so in general, the court will listen carefully to the opinions of children over the age of ten. Before or during the divorce, do your child s ideological work well, so that the child is willing to be raised with the party that is best for him or her.

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