Can‘t afford the loan, do you have to go to jail?

1. The bank will take certain collection measures. During the initial telephone notification, if the loan is not yet available, you can explain the actual situation to the bank and try to apply for an extension, which depends on different bank regulations;

2. Overdue for more than 90 days, the plot can be seriously regarded as malicious overdue, and the collection of the bank may also cause life pressure on themselves and their families, affecting the normal life of individuals and families;

3. In terms of overdue charges, there will be some expenses such as liquidated damages, penalty interest, etc., which need to be collected according to the contract. Different institutions and different loan products will receive different liquidated damages or penalty interest;

4.Influence on personal credit history, poor credit history will hinder future mortgages and other loans, as well as the processing of credit cards;

5. If you are sued to the court because the loan has not been received, and you still have not repaid it after the execution of the court s judgment, you can report it to the Supreme People s Court and enter the List of Failed Trustees , also commonly known as the Lao Lai List . Traveling by plane, high-speed rail, etc. is prohibited.

The difference between a credit loan and a mortgage loan is that there is no collateral. When the mortgage loan is not yet available, the lender can handle the collateral as compensation. If the credit loan is not available, it needs to be considered from the following aspects:

1. Pay off the principal interest and possible penalties as soon as possible, but it should be reminded that it is very irrational to remember to tear down the east wall to make up the west wall and to repay money from other loan channels.

2. Consult customer service personnel. Some small loan institutions have not been connected to the central bank s credit reporting system, or reported according to the severity of the situation, and need to understand their credit situation.

3. Check your own central bank credit record, which will usually be updated after one month. You need to cherish your personal credit more. At the same time, we remind everyone that advertisements such as eliminating credit taints are not credible and should not be deceived.

1. One-off repayment in advance. If it is stipulated in the personal loan contract that the loan has not been repaid in full for several consecutive months, or that the loan has not been repaid in full on time in a few times, the bank has the right to require the borrower to pay off all the loan balances at one time.

2. The bank auctions the house to recover the loan. Because the buyer applies for a loan from the bank, the bank will require the buyer to use the real estate as collateral. If the monthly payment cannot be paid, that is, the mortgage , the bank can appeal the court to dispose of the mortgaged real estate.

3. Credit record stain. In addition to overdue penalties, loans that are overdue will leave bad information on the central bank s credit report, which will directly affect financial consumption behaviors such as refinancing credit cards in the future.

2. Overdue vehicle loans will not only be subject to penalty interest, which will be charged as agreed in the loan contract, but will also be reported to the credit reporting center of the central bank, leaving bad information in the personal credit report, affecting loans and credit cards, etc.

Funds cannot be turned over, car loans can apply for loan extensions and extend the repayment time; however, if the loan is temporarily unavailable due to personal capabilities, you can repay by borrowing money from relatives and friends, etc. It is easy to cause difficult debts to make up for.

With regard to loans, if we do not have the ability to repay, we should not try easily. I introduced you to the issues related to loans, and you must have a general understanding. Repayment is not easy. Will the prison be imprisoned? This question is really hard to say. Therefore, try not to take a loan, or you must take out a loan that you can afford, so that you do not end up with very serious legal responsibilities, and you can consult a lawyer from Hualuwang .

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