Certification of overseas marriage registration certificate

With the development of society, if both parties are foreigners, or one of them is a foreigner. I believe everyone knows that the parties need to provide corresponding certificates for marriage procedures. So, what kind of documents do you need in a foreign marriage? Please read the following with the editor of Hualu.com for more details.

When applying for foreign-related marriage registration, depending on the identity of the parties, the documents required to be provided are different. This mainly distinguishes between mainland residents and foreigners, foreign Chinese, and so on. At the same time, in the process of marriage registration, there is also a handling fee, which is 9 yuan for the cost of the marriage certificate.

Chinese citizens and foreigners, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan compatriots, overseas Chinese and foreigners who apply for marriage must not be older than 22 years old and not older than 20 years old by women. Must hold the following documents separately:

Foreign Resident Alien Resident Certificate issued by our public security organ or the ID card issued by the foreign affairs department, or temporary entry and residence permits to China;

Certificate Marital status certificate issued by the notary office of the country, which is certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or an authorized organization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and our country s embassy or consulate;

Technical secondary, tertiary, and undergraduate students among foreign students are generally not allowed to marry during their studies. If other students (trainees, graduate students, etc.) require to marry a Chinese citizen, in addition to the above-mentioned certificates, they must also hold academic certificates of their institutions;

Divorce certificate or death certificate of the spouse of the remarried person (the divorce certificate must be certified by the Chinese embassy or consulate in the country, or directly certified by the embassy or consulate of the country).

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