Chengdu, Giant Panda Research Base, Bamboo Forest, Yibin City

Sichuan Province is China s national treasure, the birthplace of giant pandas. It is now the only place where pandas were born. The bus will travel to the Chengdu Giant Panda Research Base, a 30-minute drive from Chengdu. I also took a bus to see the panda. The fare is 75 yuan, which is about 13,000 won, including round-trip transportation and tickets.

As soon as I entered the base, the flashing golden yellow panda statue greeted people first. Although not a real panda, the cute appearance makes people smile. Going up a bit, you can see the dense bamboo forest. Seeing the endless green bamboo forest , I can t help thinking that this is indeed the habitat of the giant panda.

People hanging on the wall and watching. Little round faces, red hairs, raccoons and Reiser sell. It has been designated as an endangered animal. Compared with the chubby body, it looks alive. Looking forward to seeing many pandas tear off the five- leaf tree, the reporter rushed to the panda s location. but. Because the weather is too hot, so it is in the breeding farm. A little disappointed. It seems that this child is the same as me.

Panda s popularity in China is also very high. Because of the crowds taking photos, they couldn t even stand still. Barely saw the panda through the glass. It seemed to be full, and drowsiness struck, so cute to touch. Because I saw precious pandas, souvenir photos are necessary.

There is a long line here, and you can see the red panda. After waiting for more than an hour, there was a long line after entering the room. As a little panda born one or two years ago, it looks very cute while squirming and eating bamboo. Although it is a close animal, it was the first time I saw it. The slow and round figure is really cute. However, at the urging of the administrator, although some regrets, I still had to move. I saw a giant panda born a few days ago. But this time it was pushed by everyone, there was not enough time to shoot. Everyone can only come out with regret.

来 I came to the south of Chengdu, the largest bamboo habitat in China, in Yibin City. The ridge of each ridge is a boundless bamboo sea, as if a green ocean is rippling. Yibin is the city with the highest proportion of forests in China. Since ancient times, bamboo growing on this fertile land has been proud of China s highest value.

Xianiu Cave is a temple built in an artificial cave that extends about 500 meters along the cliff. The gondola to Cave Xianyu takes the canyon and the canyon between about 100 meters moving. Rainy and foggy, can t see the front. Although I was a little scared in my heart, but I think, are there really gods living in such a place? Although the weather is bad, many people have come here in order to enjoy the beauty of the bamboo sea.

Admire Walking along the cliff while admiring the misty, mysterious scenery. The huge Buddhist temple and Shoufo cave lying down first came into view. This is a unique sight that blends with nature. Buddha statues are full of locks made by people who come to visit . When he came to the edge of a precipitous cliff, he was full of people, and he could feel his sincerity. The natural waterfall pours down from the center of the cliff, and the sound of the water is cool. It rained more spectacularly . Each road has a colorful charm of Xianyu Cave, which can be called Zhunan gem in southern Anhui.

One by one handmade, is a work full of sincerity. I try to sit on a chair made by a craftsman. Although it doesn t feel soft, the coolness of bamboo makes people feel. He said that in the past, more than half of China s bamboo crafts were made here in Yibin and sold throughout China. It is said to be very popular, but things have changed.

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