China‘s only “restricted entry for all foreigners” city with only 400 people

As we all know, China is a country with a very large land area. In addition to hundreds of inland cities, China also has an outstanding number of coastal cities or island cities in terms of geographical division. As the only island city in China that restricts access for all foreigners, its establishment has buried a sense of mystery in China s coastal defense.

Here is the largest city in China, “Sansha City”. It is located in Hainan Province of China, and it is also the latest city in China. Although it is the largest city in China, its land area is only over 20 square kilometers . This place is located in the tropics, which is also the southern border of China. For this reason, it is reasonable to not allow foreign friends to enter.

A large number of people apply to visit Sansha every year, but the number of places is very limited, so it has become a dream place for many travel enthusiasts. There are not many traces of artificial development in Sansha, and there are no factories or smog. There is only the sea, blue sky and white sand, and you can enjoy a private beach without any pollution after entering the island.

If you go to Sansha, it s best to focus on May to September. In Sansha, you can watch the sunset at the beach in the afternoon, watch the fishermen go fishing at sea, watch such beautiful scenery, and remember your funny things . It s fun. The beauty of Sansha is no less than that of Sanya, even comparable to the Maldives. The scenery here is extremely beautiful and the sea water is very clear. From the surface of the sea, you can see the colorful corals underwater.

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