City Introduction :Jinshantun District of Yichun City

Jinshantun District of Yichun City is located at the southern foot of the Xiaoxing an Mountains, in the middle reaches of the Tangwang River. It was founded in 1952. It has an integrated system of administration and enterprise. The territory is 60 kilometers long from north to south, 54 kilometers wide from east to west, and the boundary line is 300 kilometers long. It covers an area of ​​184,949 hectares, including 171,351 hectares of forest land. It has jurisdiction over two subdistrict offices, 11 forest farms, and 2 administrative villages, with a total population of 48,100. In recent years, Jinshantun District has insisted on taking the scientific development concept as the guide and comprehensively building the strength, charm, vitality, and happiness of Jinshan as its goal. The in-depth implementation of the development strategy of ecological zone, industrial development zone and strong cultural zone, intensified reform and promotion, actively adjusted the industrial str ucture, accelerated the construction of tourist towns, and maintained a good momentum of sustained, rapid, healthy and coordinated development of the economy and society. In 2011, the regional GDP reached 797.2 million yuan, an increase of 8.6% year-on-year ; all industrial added value reached 268.57 million yuan, an increase of 2.9% year-on-year; investment in fixed assets was 42.16 million yuan; domestic investment was 557 million yuan, and exports were worth 8.1 million yuan US dollars and actually utilized foreign capital of 2.84 million US dollars; the general budgetary revenue of the fiscal year reached 29.81 million Yuan, a year-on-year increase of 69.18%; the per capita disposable income of urban residents reached 10,317 Yuan, and the per capita net income of farmers reached 5,580 Yuan, an increase of 8.6% and 11% respectively. In recent years, our district has stood at the height of the overall situation and history. With the goal of dressing up the east gate of the fore st capital and creating a coal city back garden , we actively strive to be the leader and benchmark of the speed of shed reform and the construction of tourist towns. By. In order to achieve this goal, our district united to lead the people of the district in accordance with the working idea of ​​“ holding the opportunity of shed reform, making every effort to build a famous tourist town, driving the economic and social development with the construction of famous towns, and realizing the increase in income and prosperity of the staff and workers . This is an unprecedented battle in Jinshantun s history of urban construction, and it has made a strong mark for the city to accelerate the construction of an international forest ecological tourism city. Since 2009, 78,600 square meters of shantytowns and 14,235 households have been relocated in our district, accounting for 74.8% of the total number of households. Construction of 216 sheds, 974,000 square meters, and 14,984 househol ds has started, and 13,274 households have been resettled. Construction of 185,000 square meters and 3,717 households will begin before the end of this year, and will be the first to eliminate urban shantytowns in the province s forestry system. In the past few years , our district has successively obtained national green model units, national reemployment advanced units, national enterprise culture construction advanced units, national machinery and equipment management advanced units, national science and technology advanced units and provincial civilized city construction advanced areas, and provincial health. Advanced districts, provincial ecological forestry bureaus, provincial five \\ u0026 middot; one labor awards and many other honorary titles above the provincial level. At present, there have been no forest fires for 60 consecutive years, and it is a banner of the national defense front. In 2009, it was included in the pilot project of eco-tourism town construction in Yichun Ci ty. In 2010, it was named China s Natural Water Drifting Town by the State General Administration of Sports.

Our district has unique mountain-shaped landforms, rich tourism resources, and convenient location advantages. It has the prerequisites and basic advantages for building a famous tourist town through the shed reform and driving the development of related industries. First, the ecological environment is excellent . Jinshan Tunshan is surrounded by strange forests, two natural water systems surrounding the Tangwang River and Dafeng River, forming a beautiful peninsula surrounded by mountains on all sides, surrounded by water on three sides, and beautiful mountains and rivers. The forest coverage rate reached 93.3%, and the urban greening rate reached 25.6%. According to expert estimates, the average content of negative oxygen ions in each cubic centimeter of air in the zone is 15,700

There are many more than 39 times that of ordinary large and medium cities, and the maximum can reach more than 50,000 in the forest and waterside. There is a folk rumor in the province and outside that “Jinshan hospitality doesnt need wine, and it s intoxicating to drink green. ”It inhales natural oxygen, drinks mineral water, and lives in green homes. There are more than 60 Tangwang and Dafeng rivers and tributaries in the territory. The total length of the river is 571 kilometers, and the average surface water depth is 6 meters. The water quality is good and there is no pollution. The second is rich tourism resources. The existing Dafeng River rafting known as the first drift of the Xiaoxing anling Mountains and the design standard starting point is AAAA-level rafting. There are Jinshan bamboo rafting, a leisure boutique project that fills the province s tourism gap. Transplanted to the north, it is another tourist boutique line after Dafeng River rafting in our distric t; it is famous for its AAA-level natural deer farm. In 2002, the Xinlianxin Art Troupe performed here, and has received ambassadors from 35 countries, Counsellor and Madam are the must-visit routes for all previous Xiaoxinganling Forest Festivals; there are quaint, elegant and unique Fengyan cottage AA-level resorts (now reported to the national AAA-level scenic spot); there are SS-level ski resorts with moderate slopes and plenty of snow, Can meet the needs of skiers at different levels of elementary and intermediate levels; there is a magnificent Buddhist shrine Tianlong Temple, which is also the largest Maitreya in the northeast of our province; there is also also a long-established provincial cultural relics protection unit, the Xinqiqi Late Dazuzi Site, Jin Dynasty ancient tombs sites and municipal cultural relics protection unit Kanglian site and other tourist attractions, have the foundation to expand the tourism industry. The third is the unique geographical location. Our distric t is located between Yichun, Hegang and Jiamusi, 58 kilometers north of Yichun City, and an hour s drive from Yichun Airport. It is 80 kilometers from Hegang City in the east, 85 kilometers from Hegang to the starting point of Dalian 201 National Road, 150 kilometers from Jiamusi City, and 1.5 hours drive from Jiamusi Airport. Within the territory, there are two national secondary roads, “Henen and Yinan”, and a Tanglin Line railway. Jinshantun Station is connected to the national railway network. The adjacent city of Jiamusi has a passenger and cargo transportation terminal, which can directly reach Khabarovsk, Russia, and can be directly connected to Japan and South Korea through river-sea transportation. Such a geographical location has given us a huge space for tourism development and has become a unique advantage of Jinshantun District. For this reason, our district stands at the height of building a famous tourist town, integrates development into the development environment of the city, the province and even the whole country, and strives to use three to five years to make cities and towns livable, suitable for business, Yiyou is a famous tourist town.

Our district makes full use of the advantages of resources, ecology and location, and regards high-level urban planning as a guide for the development of tourism real estate. It has successively hired planning and design companies such as the United States Kuangxing, Canada Baojia International, Japan s Tongkou, Harbin Institute of Technology, and the Provincial Forestry Design Institute. Yi Qi s manuscript re-edited the Master Plan for Jinshantun District Towns and produced a large sand table for the famous tourist town of Jinshan in According to the plan. Based on the overall layout of the town, the northern industrial park and the southern living service area were determined, and the one ring, three horizontal and three vertical urban road network was planned, and the urban construction framework was opened. According to the functional zoning, commercial and beverage services, cultural and entertainment districts will be built on the road, residential houses, leisure and fitness areas will be built on the street, holiday villas and high-level waterfront residential areas will be built on the waterfront, and elderly care centers and tourism and sightseeing areas will be built on the garden. The construction provides a broad bearing platform and development space.

In accordance with the requirements of the second-degree urbanization of the municipal party committee, our district focuses on combining urban construction with tourism industry and real estate development, and constantly improves the cultural taste and connotation of famous tourist towns. The first is to highlight the characteristics of tourism. Urban construction complements the development of the tourism industry. Further highlight the strategic leading position of the tourism industry in the construction of famous tourist towns, adjust and improve the overall planning and scientific layout of the development of the tourism industry in the region, and start the Dafeng River Rafting, Jinshan Bamboo Rafting, Jinshan Luyuan Tourism, and Fengyan Cottage Leisure Vacation And other well-known tourism project brands, started the development of the four mountain special tourism in the town with the focus on Xishan and Dongshan scenic spots. At present, Xishan scenic spots have been lai d with 550 meters of climbing steps, and it is expected that one-third of the total project volume can be completed by the end of the year. It has injected fresh blood and motivation into the development of the tourism industry. The second is to highlight the cultural characteristics and highlight the historical and cultural heritage of the city. The Jinxi Lake large-scale cultural and leisure square covering an area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters has now completed 30% of the project volume. The Jinshan Museum maintenance and renovation project with a construction area of ​​nearly 2,000 square meters has been completed and put into use, and it has three-dimensionally demonstrated the development of the towns in our district, Jinzu culture and tourism resources. Jinshan Cultural Activity Center will be officially opened to the public in the near future. The 200,000-square-meter religious and cultural park project has completed planning approval and house expropriation. Pro jects such as the hotel villa area, stone carving park, temple area, religious museum area, and wood carving park will be successively constructed; a Christian church with a construction area of ​​3,300 square meters has been carried out. Three-story masonry

Alas. Third, highlight the characteristics of commerce and trade, and shape a new type of commerce and trade town. Gao Starting Point has planned a commercial center with a construction area of ​​42,000 square meters, and is currently negotiating with customers in Zhejiang , Jilin and Shuangyashan. The Hongkong Siwei Group will develop and build a 232,000 square meters high waterfront residential area project along the Dafeng River. The right to use has already begun construction; the construction of the entertainment city construction project with a construction area of 14,000 square meters and the main project of the four-star Jinshuiwan Hotel with a construction area of ​​9,000 square meters has been completed and is undergoing renovation. The conference center, which can host high-standard conferences, accommodation and catering, has been put into use, and the capacity of foreign business and conference reception has been greatly improved; the construction of an automo tive repair and logistics center covering an area of ​​17,000 square meters has begun, and the logistics center has completed the project progress. 80% of the total; a food street with a construction area of ​​18,000 square meters will be put into use in November, and the catering service industry has achieved intensive, standardized and large-scale development. In addition, Shuangfeng Shunda Bus Co., Ltd. plans to invest 8 million yuan to establish a bus company in our district. The agreement has been signed and 17 bus shelters have been set up. It is expected that the urban traffic situation will be effectively improved after it officially operates in November.

While accelerating the urban construction work, coordinated planning and simultaneous construction of supporting projects. First, the road network construction was followed up simultaneously. Based on the principle of underground first, then ground, and in accordance with the standard of 100 years of backwardness, water, electricity, gas, heat and other pipelines are fully laid. The diameter of the pipes under the one ring, three horizontal and three vertical backbone roads is up to 1.6 meters. Rainwater The sewage is drained separately, and the capacity of the concealed project is designed according to a population of 70,000 or more, which completely solves the problem of opening the bowels and breaking the belly again after the main project is completed. The second is to follow up with greening. The traditional mode of greening after the completion of the project has been changed, and the landscaping and greening of key areas such as public green spaces, scenic spots, urban entra nces and exits, and new communities have been simultaneously promoted. In the concept of greening, we focused on the combination of native greening and exotic greening varieties, which fully demonstrated the greening effect of Qiao-irrigated vines, grasses and colorful fruit trees . The third is to follow up public service facilities. From schools, kindergartens to large bathing, entertainment centers, restaurants, hotels, and business services, from parking lots, shelters, bicycle sheds, water flushing public toilets to trash cans, all are planned and synchronized.

Strengthen management awareness, adopt measures such as unified outdoor plaque specifications, street cleaning time of no less than 8 hours, and construction waste in key areas, including Nissan and Nissin, to strengthen environmental management in the area; in in accordance with the principle of urban -rural integration, integrate urban-rural integration In the area of ​​urban management, wherever the urban development and construction is done, the urban management will follow up. Adhering to the combination of assault campaigns and daily rectification, we have focused on the special treatment work of urban infrastructure, night market barbecues, noise pollution, construction waste, environmental sanitation, outdoor advertising, etc., banned over 2,000 operations and removed more than 500 illegal plaques Over 1,000 square meters of illegal buildings, clearing more than 10,000 outdoor small advertisements, handling residents complaints and reporting more than 100 cases,

Effectively solved a large number of hot and difficult issues that residents paid attention to, and maintained urban environmental order. The main roads in urban areas have achieved full coverage of sanitary cleaning, the cleaning standards for major and minor roads have been greatly improved, and the environmental quality of urban areas has improved significantly.

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