City Introduction ;Xixiu District, Guizhou Province

Xixiu District is derived from the abbreviation of The Show of the West. It is located in the hinterland of central Guizhou. It is the economic, political and cultural center of Anshun City, Guizhou Province. Office, with a total population of 760,000 . It is a multi-ethnic area. In addition to the Han nationality, 31 ethnic minorities, including the Miao, Buyi, Hui, Gelao and other ethnic minorities, live in the area.

Developed Regional transportation is developed. With Xixiu District as the central urban area, connecting Guiyang, the provincial capital, and surrounding counties and districts, a three-dimensional transportation network with coordinated development of railways, aviation, and highways has initially formed, becoming an important transportation hub in Guizhou Province.

The climate is mild and pleasant. Xixiu District has an average altitude of 1300 meters, high negative oxygen, low radiation, and an average annual temperature of 14 ° C. There is no severe cold in winter, no extreme heat in summer, abundant rainfall and sufficient sunshine, and it is the best summer resort in summer.

The natural scenery is gorgeous. Xixiu District is one of the world s most popular tourist destinations for karst scenery. It is surrounded by four national key scenic spots. The natural scenery is charming, the tourist traffic is convenient, and the tourism products are unique. It is one of the western Guizhou tourism center and one of the six golden tourist hotlines in China., Known as the Pearl of the Western Tourism Online.

Humanistic landscape is chic. Xixiu District has a unique world cultural treasure Yunfeng Tunpu culture, national Jiulongshan Forest Park and cultural landscapes such as Wang Ruofei s former residence, Anshun Temple, etc., which are known as the hometown of batik , the hometown of the theater, and Tunbao culture Hometown and other reputations, Xixiu District will actively create five Xixiu Strength Xixiu, Livable Xixiu, Civilized Xixiu, Open Xixiu, Charm Xixiu.

Rich Rich natural resources. The Xixiu District is rich in mineral resources such as coal, iron, sulfur, marble, calcite, glacial stone, silica, lead earth, high-calcium limestone, gold, silver, copper and other mineral resources. It is one of the key coal-producing counties (districts) in Guizhou and is an important energy base for the country s west-to-east power transmission. At the same time, the three-dimensional climate in the territory is obvious and the soil types are diverse. It is the main production place and various types of bulk agricultural and livestock products such as medicinal materials, high-quality rice, rapeseed, tea, ginger, tung oil, flue-cured tobacco, vegetables, fruits, and local famous livestock and poultry in Guizhou Province. Chinese herbal medicine production and processing base.

Ecological environment and development advantages Xixiu District is known as the Jiangnan in the west and the wonderful show in the world. The city and nature harmoniously blend together to form a city with the city in the green, the mountain in the city, and the people in the scenery! Nature loves Xixiu, while giving it a lot of natural beauty, it also gives Xixiu a comfortable and pleasant climate. Xixiu District has a subtropical monsoon humid climate, with an annual rainfall of 1300mm-1400mm, an annual average temperature of 14.6 ℃, no severe cold in winter, and no cool bureau in summer. The climate is pleasant, the ecological environment is good, and the average altitude is 1300 meters. The radiation is low and the air quality reaches the national secondary standard. It is one of the most suitable cities for human habitation in the world.

Xixiu District is rich in tourism resources. As early as 1985, Xixiu District was approved by the State Council as a national class A tourism open city. Tourism resources account for 10% of the total land area, which is much higher than the national average of 1% and the provincial average of 4.2%. It is one of the priority tourist areas in Guizhou Province and the preferred area for karst scenery tourism in the world. The national 5A-level tourist scenic spot owned by the territory of the Dragon Palace is one of the most mature karst water caves in the world with the most mature karst landforms and the most peculiar landscapes; it has a unique treasure of world culture \\ u0026 mdash; \\ u0026 mdash; Yunfeng Tunpu Culture, 20000 The Guinness World Record was recorded as the largest and most complete Tunbao cultural village group in the early Ming Dynasty in 2001, and became a national key cultural relics protection unit in 2001; there is a national forest park \\ u0026 mdash; \\ u0026 mdash; Jiulongshan; and Anshun Province There are many national and provincial key cultural relics protection units and red classic tourism such as Confucian Temple, Wu Temple, Former Residence of Wang Ruofei, Ancient Han Tombs, etc. There are also three national intangible cultural heritages , including theatrical opera, Miao costumes, and batik skills. 38 provincial and municipal-level intangible cultural heritages such as Bao clothing and Buyi clothing!

The area is rich in natural scenery, unique cultural landscapes, colorful ethnic and folk customs, convenient tourist transportation, excellent and unique tourism products, and complement each other s distinctive tourist attractions. It is known as the pearl on the tourist line and batik. Hometown of Dixie, Hometown of Dixi Opera, Hometown of Chinese National Food, Township of Tunpu Culture and so on. The Xixiu District is surrounded by four national key scenic spots: 40 kilometers west, there is a world-famous national 5A class Scenic spot \\ u0026 mdash; \\ u0026 mdash; Huangguoshu Waterfall Scenic Area, 50 km southbound has the Geyu River National Scenic Area, 80 km east is the Pearl of the Plateau Red Maple Lake Scenic Area, 120 km north is the first hole Zhijindong Scenic Area. Xixiu District is located in the center of the stars and is one of the six golden tourist hotlines in Guizhou s western tourism center.

The unique natural resources and cultural landscape provide a broad space for the development of the tourism industry. We hope to further strengthen cooperation with tourism enterprises at home and abroad, integrate the culture of Xixiu into the tourism industry, and develop leisure and vacation tourism, rural tourism, ecological tourism, cultural tourism., Continue to enrich tourism products, open up boutique tourism routes, develop tourist markets, and build our district into a world-renowned, domestic first-class tourist destination and distribution center; make full use of ecological, climate, and environmental resources to seize the huge potential of the leisure and vacation industry Business opportunities, focusing on creating migrant bird-style residences or rural health resorts that live in Sanya in winter and Xixiu in summer; based on tourism products such as batik, Facebook, tea, silver jewelry in Tunpu, and build Xixiu District into domestic tourism Product manufacturin g bases and distribution centers; relying on the popularity of Dragon Palace s national five-A scenic spot and the lowest global radiation advantages, to build Dragon Palace into an international conference center, etc. It can be said that the development of tourist attractions , the construction of service facilities such as hotels and guesthouses, Have huge development space and no Market potential.

The development environment is good and policy support is strong. Existing leading industries include the tourism-led service industry, fine chemicals, biopharmaceuticals, coal mining and deep processing, machinery manufacturing, metal smelting, green food, and materials industries. With the establishment of the Xixiu Economic Development Zone, the park s infrastructure such as water, electricity, roads, and standard factory buildings has been improved day by day. Technological and environmentally-friendly enterprises based on military industry, pharmaceuticals, and food processing have successively settled into production and have become entrepreneurs of all parties Fertile soil for investment. Guofa [2012] Document No. 2 and Guizhou Party Document No. 15 both specified the rise of the central Guizhou economic circle as a national strategy and created Guizhou s economic growth pole. The economic and social development of Xixiu District ushered in historical opportunities for gr eat development and improvement …

Take Xixiu Industrial Park as a carrier to actively build Xixiu s economic growth pole. Guizhou Anshun Xixiu Industrial Park is located in the northeast of Xixiu District. The predecessor of Xixiu Industrial Park was the National and Eastern-Western Cooperation Demonstration Zone for Township and Village Enterprises approved by the Ministry of Agriculture in March 1995. In December 2005, the China Food Industry Association awarded the demonstration zone China Food Industry (Xixiu) Demonstration Base . Title, in August 2006, the provincial government and the National Development and Reform Commission approved it as a provincial development zone and officially changed its name to Guizhou Anshun Xixiu Industrial Park. In August 2011, the municipal government approved the establishment of the Xixiu Industrial Park Management Committee In January 2012, the provincial government approved the rename of Xixiu Economic Development Zone in Guizhou. Our district regards making the indu strial park bigger and stronger as an important starting point for attracting industry and capital, and planning the development and construction of “Xixiu Industrial Park in Anshun, Guizhou” from a high starting point and high standard. At present, the planned population of the park is 132,000, and the planned area is 37.86 square kilometers. It is mainly divided into four functional areas: one is the green food area, the other is the ethnic pharmaceutical area, the third is the tourism product processing area, and the fourth is the incoming processing area.. At present, the infrastructure of the park is relatively complete. The companies that have settled in are: Huangguoshu Aluminum Co., Xin an Airlines, Shunjian Pharmaceutical Company, Baihuachuan Food Company, Xiangda Camel Feed Company, Hengxin Delong Automobile Sales Company, Jiahe Group Company, and other companies. More than 60 enterprises including Yu Building Materials Co., Ltd. achieved a total industrial output value of 1.862 billion yuan in the first half of this year.

The industrial base of the traditional military industry in Xixiu District is relatively strong, with advanced technology and professional scientific research capabilities. We will vigorously promote the two-way transformation of military and civilian technology and the sharing of scientific research institution resources, develop and expand the combined military-civilian industry, and promote the military-industrial economy and local Economic integration and development, focusing on the development of equipment manufacturing.

Xixiu District tightly revolves around the main tone of “accelerating development, accelerating transformation, and promoting leapfrogging” and the general requirements of “seizing opportunities, increasing speed, and stepping up”, in in accordance with “bigger cities, stronger industries, solid foundations, and leapfrogging ”The goal of solidarity led the people of the whole region to work hard to overcome adverse factors such as severe freezing, floods, extreme droughts and high inflationary pressures, seize opportunities, and take advantage of the momentum to achieve new results in economic and social development.

The Xixiu Industrial Park was officially renamed Guizhou Xixiu Economic Development Zone on November 8, 2012. The Xixiu Economic Development Zone is the carrier and platform for Xixiu s industrial development. Since the beginning of this year, the district s fiscal capacity has been limited, and the district people s government has not waited, argued or tossed, proactively docked outwards, and accelerated the construction of the park by using financing methods such as the BT model. At present, a total investment of 300 million yuan and a total length of 7 kilometers in the park s West 2nd Road and North 2nd Road have been started; construction of the Xiaozhai 110 kV substation has been accelerated; two sewage treatment plants with a total investment of 290 million yuan have completed the preliminary stage Work; completed a standard factory building of 30,000 square meters. 11 projects including Hengyuan New Building Materials, Jiulian Minbao, Anshun Dongguan Automobile City with a to tal investment of 2.7 billion yuan have begun construction. The industrial development of the park has gradually become a system, and the role of industrial economic benefits in the national economic and social development has gradually become apparent. The park is accelerating to become an important growth pole for Xixiu s economy.

Since the beginning of this year, in accordance with the development idea of ​​revitalizing the inventory and increasing the growth, the district people s government has increased assistance to key industrial enterprises in its jurisdiction, and has provided power coal subsidies to Huangguoshu Aluminum Company and Hongsheng Chemical respectively. Among them, Huangguoshu Aluminum Co., Ltd. subsidies 41.621 million yuan for electricity. Hongsheng Chemical s coal and electricity subsidies are 4.911176 million yuan (4.835 million yuan in electricity subsidies and 315.76 million yuan in coal subsidies) . It is estimated that by the end of 2012, the industrial electricity consumption in Xixiu District will be 2.3 billion kilowatt hours. The industrial enterprises in the region are expected to realize industrial added value of 3.5 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 26% . Among them, industrial enterprises with sales income of more than 5 million yuan are expected to realize industrial adde d value of 173.2 million yuan, and industrial enterprises of more than 20 million yuan have completed 3.104 billion yuan. The company s investment in fixed assets strives to complete 4.5 billion yuan.

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