City Introduction Youxian County, Hunan Province

You County is located in the southeast of Hunan, and has jurisdiction over 21 townships (street offices), 304 villages (houses, communities), 2664 square kilometers, and 800,000 people. The county situation can be summarized in four aspects: it has a long history. As early as in the Neolithic County, humans thrived, and it has been 2214 since the founding of Gaozu in the Western Han Dynasty for five years. Resources are abundant. It has the largest 100 million-ton coal field in Jiangnan, the Jiujiang National 4A Scenic Area, and Youxian Ma Ya, and Youxian Tofu, two registered geographical indications in China. Production base counties of lean hogs, high-yielding forests and camellia forests. The economy is more active. It is said to be “ the first county in taxis ”in the country. The county s comprehensive economic strength ranks among the top ten in the province. Big example, China s top ten green cities. The environment is relatively tidy. It is a safe and smooth county in the country, an advanced county in science and technology progress, a pilot county in rural electrification, a pilot county in rural community construction, and a sanitary county in the province, a culturally advanced county, a green model county, a provincial sanitary county, and an ecologically advanced county in China.

First, adhere to the industrial prosperity of the county, the economic strength has increased significantly. In 2011, the county s GDP reached 21.78 billion yuan, an increase of 1.6 times in five years, and an average annual growth rate of 14.9%; the total fiscal revenue was 1.85 billion yuan, an increase of 3.3 times in five years, and an average annual growth rate of 34.8%; social fixed asset investment was 11.71 billion yuan. The three-year industry ratio was adjusted from 25.4: 38.2: 36.4 to 16.6: 53.7: 29.7. In the first half of 2012, the county s GDP was 10.5 billion yuan, an increase of 13.1%; the total fiscal Revenue was 1.201 billion yuan, an increase of 33.02%. The county s comprehensive strength has consistently ranked among the top ten in the province for seven consecutive years, and ranks 22nd in the six provinces in the middle. Speed ​​up industrial development and increase efficiency. Deeply promote the Three Hundred Prosperity Construction project, the 51151 pro ject and the tough battle in the park,

The accumulated investment of Youzhou Industrial Park reached 1.296 billion yuan, and the number of enterprises entering the park reached 50. It is classified as a provincial comprehensive high-tech industrial base and a provincial-level centralized industrial zone. The listed company Huasheng Fireworks has been successfully introduced, and the number of firework enterprises has grown to 61; Major industrial projects such as coal-electricity integration and Tongba Power Station have officially settled and started construction successively. Dry-process cement has been successfully put into operation; coal mine mergers and technological upgrading and expansion have been basically completed, and coal production capacity has increased to 7 million tons. The county-level enterprises have developed 96 in five years, with a total of 265. Raise the level of traditional agriculture. Vigorously develop modern agriculture , the total grain output is stable at more than 500,000 tons, and the number of live pigs slaughtered is maintained at more than 1.2 million heads. Actively promoted the transfer of land and forest land, and introduced and cultivated a number of leading agricultural industrialization enterprises and professional cooperative organizations such as Wanfeng Agriculture, Yaoxiang Agriculture, and Good Stick Beauty . The level of agricultural industrialization, organization, and technology has been continuously improved. Upgraded business tourism. Invested 100 million yuan to improve the quality of the Xiangdong large market and the township farmer s market, and built a number of professional markets such as the Xiangdong Electromechanical City, the Xiangdong Agricultural Machinery Market, the Xiangdong Auto Trade City, and the Xiangdong Home Furnishing City. Radiation is enhanced. In 2011, the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 6.65 billion yuan, an increase of 1.2 times in five years, and an average annual growth rate of 22%. The Xiangdong Great Market ha s been appraised as the National Model for Integrity Management. The development of tourism continues to heat up, the tourism development plan is compiled from a high starting point, and the scenic spots such as Jiuxian Lake, Yuwang Cave, and Younv Wonderland are developed to a high standard. Xianggan Cultural Festival and other activities, Jiuxian Lake was successfully established as a national 4A-level scenic spot, our county was rated as China s most investment-worth tourist county.

Twenty-two, adhere to the town s drive, the urban and rural look changed. The Three Creations, Four Modernizations and Clean Youxian actions were carried out in depth, the town-driven strategy was vigorously implemented, urban and rural planning and construction were comprehensively coordinated, and historic changes took place in the urban and rural areas. Planning highlights taste. Invested more than 30 million yuan, completed a new round of urban master planning, and completed important films such as Dongcheng New District and South Railway Station.

The planning of districts and key nodes has strengthened the planning of towns, townships, and villages, and has established the first-class medium-sized city construction goals of two rivers, four banks, one city, four districts and 40 square kilometers, 400,000 population . Atmospheric, more upscale. The five-year urban area has expanded to 14.5 square kilometers, and the urbanization rate has reached 46%. Construction highlights the atmosphere. A total of 6 billion yuan has been invested to promote infrastructure construction in urban and rural areas. Qijiang scenery belt, cultural square, planning exhibition hall, sewage treatment plant, harmless waste treatment plant were completed and put into use; Dongcheng New District started construction, Youxian Development Center, Yingbin Avenue, Inner Ring Road, Youshui Bridge and other projects Accelerate the progress; 140 kilometers of streets and lanes will be transformed, 85,000 square meters of just changed streets, 2.14 million square meters of public green space will be added, and 70,000 square meters of new squares will be built. The investment in infrastructure of townships and towns exceeds 450 million yuan, and the rural appearance has greatly improved. Management demonstrates vitality. Establish and improve investment and financing platforms, increase land reserve and development and operation efforts, and have completed land operation income of more than 2 billion yuan in five years. BT, BOT, and special operating rights transfers have been used to raise 310 million yuan to develop Yunsheng Villa and Tongle Lake., Wangyun New Bund and a number of boutique real estate and high-rise buildings. Bigger and stronger financing platforms such as urban construction investment, Tenglong investment, tourism investment, etc., raised 1.3 billion yuan in five years, and the vitality of urban operation and development continued to increase.

Thirty-three, adhere to the foundation first, the strength of development continues to increase. Always adhere to the foundation first, strive to consolidate the foundation, and comprehensively enhance the development potential. The infrastructure is constantly being improved. The completion of the basic investment of 8 billion yuan in five years is the period with the largest number of key projects and the largest investment in fixed assets in history. The transportation network is becoming more and more perfect. In the past five years, a total of 4 billion yuan in transportation investment has been completed. 240 kilometers of roads above the county and township levels have been built. The Hengyan Expressway, Wangzhu Highway and Youan Link have been opened to traffic, and the S315, Ningpai Highway, and Huanglan Highway have been upgraded. The transformation was completed in full, the Hengchaji Railway and Luancha Expressway proceeded in an orderly manner, and the rural, unobstructed and accessible projects were smoothly implemented, and traffic bottlenecks were effectively resolved. Rural infrastructure continued to improve, with a cumulative investment of nearly 500 million yuan over the past five years, 22,100 mu of high-standard farmland was completed, 50,000 mu of low- and medium-yield fields were transformed, and 32,600 water conservancy projects were completed.

Reinforce 34 dangerous reservoirs, control 8.09 kilometers of Youhe and Shahe rivers, solve 124,000 safe drinking water in rural areas, and build more than 6,000 rural biogas digesters. Power communication guarantee is strong. A total of 323 million yuan has been invested to complete the transformation of 580 villages in rural power grids. They have successfully passed the national rural electrification pilot counties. Communication and Internet access have become widespread, with 123,000 new mobile users. The Internet has basically reached villages and villages. Reform and opening up were further advanced . Various reforms have been continuously deepened. The reform of the six agricultural stations, the collective forest rights system, and the reform of the property rights system for enterprises have been completed, and breakthroughs have been made in reforming the investment and financing system, the financial system, the medical and health system, and the administrative management sy stem. Opening up to the outside world has continued to expand, with foreign capital of US $ 172 million, and domestic capital outside the county of 6.361 billion yuan. The vitality of development has increased significantly. Environmental governance was effectively strengthened. A total of 210 million yuan has been invested, 242 mine comprehensive management projects have been implemented, mountain closure and forestation work has been fully launched, rural drinking water source protection projects have been implemented in depth, and a number of high energy-consuming, high-polluting , high-emissions enterprises have been shut down, and efforts have been made to make the county s The sky is bluer, the water is clearer, and the mountains are greener.

24. Adhere to the improvement of people s livelihood and maintain a harmonious and stable society. Improving people s livelihood has always been the most prominent position, insisting on the establishment of ten top people s livelihood facts every year, earnestly improving people s livelihood and the people s livelihood, and striving to maintain a harmonious and co-construction development situation. Comprehensive progress in social undertakings. The construction of a county with strong education speeded up. The construction of public junior high schools in urban areas started, and 21 rural boarding schools and 58 qualified schools were completed.

Continuous improvement of school running conditions; tuition and fees for compulsory education have been completely exempted, and the online admission rate of 10,000 people in the college entrance examination has ranked first in the city for 7 consecutive years. Intensify scientific and technological innovation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Youxian Ma Ya and Youxian Tofu have been successfully registered as national geographic trademarks, and the Lushuihe brand wires and cables have been well-known national trademarks. The pilot work on the reform of public hospitals was officially launched, the national essential medicine system was fully implemented, the county traditional Chinese hospital was completed and used, and the task of rebuilding and expanding the township hospitals was fully completed. 117 large-scale rural stages and 22 township comprehensive cultural stations have been completed . Digital television has achieved full urb an and rural coverage, and cultural and sports activities have flourished throughout the county. Carry out the activities of Protecting provincial models and creating national excellence and build the Sunshine Family Planning brand. The family planning work has been steadily improved and the population quality has been gradually improved. Social security is stronger. 16,293 new jobs were created, 217,000 people were transferred from stable rural areas, 3,619 public welfare posts were developed, the registered unemployment rate in cities and towns was controlled within 4%, and social employment was more adequate. The Five Major Insurances added 31,752 people, and the number of participants reached 81,752. The NRCMS participation rate remained stable at 98%, the NRCMS participation rate reached 100%, and 100,000 rural elderly received pensions. The urban and rural subsistence allowances have been extended, and the number of urban and rural subsistence allowances has been in creased to 153,000. The minimum living standard for urban subsistence allowances has been increased to 360 yuan / month. A new round of homes for the elderly has been rebuilt and expanded. 2300 yuan / person-year. Newly constructed and rebuilt 2228 low-rent houses with an area of ​​140,000 square meters, and implemented 1,200 shantytowns with an area of ​​160,000 square meters, and built and rebuilt 3,100 rural residential and dilapidated houses. The Charity Federation was established to raise 9.66 million charitable donations, reaching more than 4,000 people. The per capita disposable income of urban residents and the per capita net income of farmers reached 19,886 yuan and 11,180 yuan, respectively, with an average annual increase of 14.4% and 17.6%. The overall social situation is harmonious and stable. We will conscientiously implement the system of “first-in-chief” large-scale visits, leaders on-duty visits, and petition cases, actively carry out large-scale visits to villages and households, open communication channels, resolve cases of petitions, and keep people s petitions stable and controllable. Action and special control of food and drugs, strict work safety measures to prevent serious and serious safety accidents, and the security situation has steadily improved; strengthen the comprehensive management of public security, strive to improve the public security prevention and control system, severely crack down on various types of illegal and criminal acts, and public security The province s ranking rose from 114th to 4th, making it the best level in history.

Fifth, adhere to low-carbon development and continuously optimize the ecological environment. In recent years, our county has carried out beneficial practices in developing ecological economy, optimizing the ecological environment, and promoting transformation and development. It has broken a sustainable development path of mutually beneficial economic development and ecological environment.

The first is to expand emerging industries. In accordance with the idea of ​​industrial parkization, project scale and industrial clustering, focus on building a large platform, cultivating large enterprises, introducing large projects, investing 1 billion yuan to plan and build a 10 square kilometers Youzhou Industrial Park to promote the development of industrial agglomeration; Utilizing the advantages of resources and adopting a small-scale approach, major coal-electricity integration and dry-process cement projects with a total investment of 12 billion yuan were introduced, which effectively solved the problems of scattered, small, and poor enterprises. With the use of iron, we firmly eliminated backward production capacity, encouraged the implementation of technological upgrading and expansion, shut down 60 five small enterprises, and reduced the number of coal mining enterprises from 224 in the past to 97 now, and the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading accele rated. The second is to strengthen ecological agriculture. In accordance with the requirements of high quality, high efficiency, and ecology, it actively explored the land transfer model of separation of three powers and four in one, vigorously promoted the construction of a number of characteristic bases such as high-quality rice, fruits and vegetables, and bamboo, and standardized development A group of farmers professional cooperation organizations, such as Wanfeng Agriculture, have introduced and cultivated a number of leading processing enterprises in Yaoxiang and other industries, forming a development pattern of regional distribution, specialized production, and industrialized operation. Mu, accounting for 42% of the total arable land area, ranking the forefront of Hunan Province. Vigorously implement the agricultural brand strategy, actively develop pollution -free agricultural products, green food and organic food, actively cultivate new types of business forms such as f lower seedlings, farmer experience, and ornamental agriculture, and strive to promote the development of ecological agriculture. The third is to do a prosperous tourism industry. Focusing on the goal positioning of world-renowned, first-class in the country, and leading in the province , Gao Starting Point has formulated a tourist area plan, developed scenic spots such as Jiuxian Lake, Yuwang Cave, and Geological Museum, and promoted the infrastructure construction of tourist ring roads, dock squares, Started tourism reception facilities such as Aoyuan Hotel and planned Hunan \\ u0026 Bull; Jiubu River \\ u0026 bull; Yu County Xianggan Cultural Festival and CCTV column walk into the scenic area activities. Jiubu River tourist area was successfully created as a national 4A scenic area, and was rated as the most beautiful in China. Tourism county with investment value.

A good ecological environment is the basis of survival and development. We always believe that keeping the natural environment intact and letting people live in a natural and comfortable environment is the most basic, most fundamental and most important people s livelihood. In-depth implementation of the three innovations and four modernizations and clean clean county actions, vigorously promote grid, digital and refined management, focus on strengthening sanitation and traffic order improvement, urban management level has been significantly improved; practical exploration of the four points Processing mode, popularizing one pool, two pools, three barrels and four baskets , and implementing the Bali Promenade lighting

The project has greatly improved the urban and rural environment. Urban and rural Tongzhi work has been fully affirmed by the main leaders of the State Council, provinces and cities, and the Youxian experience has been promoted throughout the province and the country. The first is to carry out three innovations and four modernizations to create an ecologically livable urban environment. Since 2009, our county has comprehensively launched the three innovations and four modernizations activities, which mainly consist of creating a nationwide safe and smooth county, a provincial health county , a provincial garden county, a provincial civilized county, and greening, lighting, landscaping, and purification. Committed to creating an ecologically livable and happy city. Boldly proposed the goal of building a first-rate medium-sized city. Through increasing financial input and capital operation efforts, a total of 1.5 billion yuan was invested to revise a new round of county-level developm ent master plans, supporting environmental protection infrastructure such as waste treatment and sewage treatment. Construction of a number of high-standard urban leisure and cultural squares such as Cultural Square and Lingguifeng Square, and a number of beautiful and comfortable ecological residential quarters such as Yunsheng Villa and Lishui Villa, with continuous improvement of infrastructure and image and taste Promotion. At the same time, adhere to the green city, green as the beauty, take large trees into the city , centralized planting, green planting, and greening in different places and other ways to implement urban greening construction, increase the urban greening area of ​​150,000 square meters The per capita green space area reached 6.46 square meters, and the urban greening rate reached 31%. In April 2010, Youxian was awarded the “National Model County for Greening” by the National Greening Committee. The second is to carry out cleansing actions to create a beautiful and clean rural environment. Taking rural environmental sanitation as an important position and focus of ecological civilization construction projects, insisting on the Clean Youxian action as a starting point, comprehensively promoting rural envir onmental sanitation and steadily improving rural environmental quality. Actively explored the four points mode with the main contents of subcontracting, decentralized processing, hierarchical investment, and staged assessment. More than 90% of the village groups have improved sanitation facilities, implemented a long -term environmental sanitation cleaning mechanism, and basically achieved the rural visible range No white trash was found inside. Our county was successfully established as a provincial-level health county and a model of the province s urban and rural environmental Tongzhi. The People s Daily reported on the construction of a new countryside in the county under the title of Yuxian Village Turns into a Large Garden. The third is to carry out comprehensive governance to create a harmonious and inclusive mining area environment. Youxian County is a large mineral resource county with annual coal production of more than 5 million tons. For a long time, the environmental dam age caused by mining has affected the people s production and life. For this reason, our county takes the comprehensive management of the mining area environment as a major measure to improve people s livelihood, and plans to fully implement the comprehensive management of the ecological environment of the mining area in 8 years. Since 2005, through various efforts, a total of 220 million yuan has been invested to organize the implementation of 215 mine comprehensive projects such as farmland water system protection, wastewater and residue treatment, and vegetation restoration . The implementation of the project effectively solved the problem of drinking water and irrigation for the residents of the mining area, the ground subsidence and soil erosion were basically controlled, the mining area reproduced the green mountains and green water, and the ecological environment of the mining area improved fundamentally.

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