City Introduction Zhaozhou County, Heilongjiang Province

Zhaozhou, located in the southwest of Heilongjiang Province and north of the Songhua River, covers an area of ​​2445 square kilometers, has 6 towns, 6 townships, 2 farms, 104 administrative villages, 732 natural villages, and has a total population of 467,000. It is a county in Heilongjiang Province. Economic and social development upgrades to counties, top ten counties in food production, advanced counties for new rural construction, advanced counties for shanty town reconstruction, advanced counties for civilized villages and towns, provincial health counties , and Ping an county of the whole province. Zhaozhou has a long history and cultural heritage. The Jintianhui was founded as a state in eight years (1130 AD), and has a history of more than 800 years. The location advantage is obvious . It is located in the core position of Kazakhstan s two-hour economic circle and Heijimeng s Triangular Economic Zone. Suizhao and Tongchang provincial highways run through the east and west , and the national highways such as Daguang Expressway and Mingshen Highway run through North and south are important nodes in the Ha-Da-Qi industrial corridor. The county is rich in resources, with 2.22 million acres of arable land, 720,000 acres of grassland, 185,000 acres of forest land, and 94,000 acres of water. There is Qingshen gas field, one of the five largest gas fields in the country, with proven natural gas reserves of 117.5 billion cubic meters and oil reserves of 156 million tons. It is an important development zone in the outer oilfields of Daqing. It is rich in agricultural products such as corn, flue-cured tobacco, vegetables, potatoes, millet, and miscellaneous grains. It is an important main grain production area, green specialty food, and animal husbandry production base in Heilongjiang Province. In recent years, Zhaozhou has aimed to build a rich, civilized, harmonious and happy new Zhaozhou, and focused on its superior resources, adhered to the development of agri cultural industrialization, and achieved leapfrog development of county economy. In 2011, the regional GDP was 11.9 billion yuan, an increase of 37.4%, and it successfully broke through the 10 billion yuan mark. The investment in fixed assets was 4.37 billion yuan, an increase of 35.3%. Full-caliber fiscal revenue of 1.45 billion yuan and county-level fiscal revenue of 6.8 were achieved. Billion yuan, an increase of 32.9% and 10.1% respectively, ranking the forefront of the county level of the province; industrial added value of 7.1 billion yuan, an increase of 58%, ranked among the top ten industrial development counties in the province, ranking second; per capita disposable income of urban residents reached At 17,515 yuan, the per capita net income of farmers reached 9,208 yuan , an increase of 16.5% and 15.1% respectively; the output of grain was 2.76 billion kilograms, and won the title of National Advanced County for Grain Production for three consecutive years. Under the strong le adership of the Zhaozhou County Party Committee and County Government, the establishment of the three cities and joint creation and three excellent civilized cities has been carried out steadily, the urban-rural integration construction has been steadily advanced, and the city s functions and taste have been comprehensively improved. At present, the planned area of ​​Zhaozhou s central urban area is 30 square kilometers, the built-up area is 10.5 square kilometers, the urban population is 90,600 people, and the urbanization level has reached 19.4%.

With the goal of building ecological, civilized, livable, modern Zhaozhou, adhere to leading urban development with high-level planning and comprehensively strengthen urban and rural planning. Since 2010, a total of 2.5 million yuan has been invested in the systematic preparation of urban planning.

Heilongjiang Province Construction Standard Design and Research Institute and Daqing High-tech Zone Planning and Design Institute have successively commissioned 26 key projects such as county shantytown reconstruction projects, county experimental kindergarten relocation, and county people s hospital relocation and construction.. This year, the Urban Planning and Design Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology was also commissioned to revise the overall planning of the county, to compile the Nancheng New District Plan, and to initially form a relatively complete urban planning system. Synchronized implementation of township construction plans, invested more than 4 million yuan, prepared the overall planning of 6 townships including Xingcheng Town, Chaoyanggou Town, and the construction plans of 105 central villages and villages, and completed the planning of Zhaozhou County s county-level village system planning and Zhaozhou County rural residential space layout planning. Regardles s of whether it is a master plan or a single design, always focus on the future, adhere to a high starting point, high station, and high quality, and effectively enhance the forward-looking, timeliness, and characteristics of the plan.

According to the concept of “South-North Expansion, East-West Expansion, Center Reconstruction, and Function Upgrade”, take strong measures to promote infrastructure construction. In the past three years, the county has invested a total of 41.62 million yuan in key projects such as urban lighting, greening, hardening, gas, sewage, garbage, and road reconstruction. The construction of a sewage treatment plant and a garbage treatment plant has been completed. The Nanhuan Road Reconstruction Project, 212 residents red brick roadway pavement and the cross-street ring walkway board hardening reconstruction project were successfully completed. The total length of the urban drainage pipeline reconstruction and urban drainage pipe network reached 6.1 km and 46.67 km, respectively. Ten thousand meters long, 8600 households completed gas home, the total area of ​​centralized heating increased to 2 million square meters. Adopting methods such as cutting green trees, planting trees, and grasses, etc., planting 17,400 trees, planting lawns of 12,000 square meters, planting 250,000 flowers, and increasing the green area of ​​the city by 4.02 hectares. There are 177 Xin an street lights, 337 LEDs updated, and 99 buildings to be illuminated. The urban lighting has achieved city-wide coverage, and the lighting rate is 100%. Through continuous improvement, the city s functional taste has been greatly improved, and the appearance of the city has changed dramatically.

In recent years, our county has actively cracked the crux of county development and scientifically planned the endogenous development path. Break through the problems to promote high-quality agriculture centered on shed engineering and livestock and poultry breeding base construction, upgrade files and upgrade the tertiary industry with acceleration of circulation and service optimization as the main body, and based on this, review the situation and fully recognize the agriculture, livestock, and location The advantage of its own resources lies in the county s efforts to create distinctive agricultural and livestock product processing zones, to achieve local processing, conversion, and local value-added of agricultural and livestock product resources in Zhaozhou, and to promote farmers to increase local income. Actively build policy depressions and investment blessings, and successfully called for provincial-level park brands. 37 projects were introduced in January-October 2012 alo ne, and the contractual investment amount reached 12.365 billion yuan. At present, Zhaozhou agricultural and livestock product processing zones are stationed in Guangdong Baisen Food Processing, Tianjin Zhongsheng Bio-Pharmaceuticals, Changchun Haoyue Beef Beef Deep Processing, Xinghe Biotechnology Fresh Egg Deep Processing, Beijing Zhaotai Group Red Star Erguotou Liquor Production, Wantai Group There are 53 key projects such as Yanjing Beer production, with a total investment of over 10 billion yuan, of which 3 are over 1 billion yuan, 2 5 billion yuan projects, 23 1 billion yuan projects, and 23 existing 500 million yuan projects. With an annual sales income of 27 billion yuan and a profit and tax of 2.8 billion yuan, it will play a strong role in driving employment, promoting economic structural adjustment, and accelerating the development of county economies.

Focusing on the activities of three cities joint creation and three excellent civilized cities, we have comprehensively strengthened the comprehensive environmental improvement. With the goal of five modernizations and one smoothness of the urban environment, we have established a comprehensive grid , departmental linkage, and unified coordination. Long-term management mechanism. Focusing on measures to strengthen cleaning dirty management, dynamic management control chaos, strict assessment governance, enthusiastic service home visit, and supervision and exposure governance , and continuously improve the level of urban management. Effectively implement the five packs in front of the door responsibility system, update urban management equipment such as cleaning, snow removal, maintenance, and repair, expand the coverage of digital urban management , and gradually realize the urban area management. Centrally manage the problem of dirty and messy urban and rural areas. Since 2010, a total of 309 operations have been banned, 607 plaques of illegal advertisements have been removed, 1852 small outdoor advertisements have been cleaned up, 146 attachments affecting the appearance of the city, and the morning and night markets have been standardized. There are 375 pedestrian street stalls, 4011 rubbish, manure piles and firewood piles in the urban-rural junction were cleaned up, and 1510 complaints from citizens were handled, which effectively solved a large number of hot and difficult issues of concern to the public and maintained the urban environmental order.

According to the strategic objective of “Building a Demonstration Area for Integrated Development of Urban and Rural Areas”, we comprehensively accelerate the process of urbanization. With the leadership of Chaoyanggou Town and Xingcheng Town, we will promote the functional design of the hardware foundation, business circulation, administrative services, and social undertakings of small towns.

Promote construction to enhance the attractiveness, aggregation, and carrying capacity of small towns for factors such as capital, industry, and population. Since 2010, 1.72 million square meters of demolition has been completed in rural housing construction alone, 2.06 million square meters of construction has begun, 2.1 billion yuan of investment has been completed, and 22,933 rural mud cottages have been renovated, of which 2,159 are farmhouses in danger. Erjing Town has completed the construction of the first phase of the demonstration new village, with a construction area of 22,700 square meters, and 288 farmers have been resettled. The second phase of the project has basically completed 2 residential buildings and 4 high-level detached houses, and 182 farmers can be resettled. Shuangfa The township Shuangfa Demonstration Village has completed 5 of the 6 peasant residential buildings as planned, and can accommodate 600 farmers; the demonstration and pilot area for the recons truction of rural mud cottages in Xingcheng Anju Village has been completed, and all 93 houses in the first phase have been capped The construction of roads, squares, running water, drainage, circuits, communications and other infrastructure has been completed.

Environment is no small matter, and it is about development. We must highlight the status of the famous city in the hinterland of the Songnen Plain, and make the building of a modern and livable environment a priority for urban construction, so that the general public can share the fruits of reform, opening up, and development! The state decision-makers have long reached a consensus in advancing urban construction. Driven by this sense of quality, Zhaozhou fully implements the scientific development concept, and closely focuses on the goal of building a “three excellent” civilized city led by “beautiful environment, excellent order, and high-quality service”, with a long history of golden cultural resources as the Relying on, emancipating the mind, advancing with the times, fully optimizing Zhaozhou s external image, and comprehensively promoting the improvement of the charm of homes. Especially in the past three years, Zhaozhou s social environment has been stable and harmon ious, and the mass happiness index has been comprehensively improved. The image of Zhaozhou, which is ecological, civilized, livable, and modern, has gradually emerged in the development practice, with richer connotations and fresher lines.

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