Detailed procedures for foreigners wanting to open a company in Shanghai

Shanghai has a developed economy and convenient transportation. It is China s largest port city. With the support of national policies, the development of Pudong has promoted the rapid development of Shanghai s economy. With the establishment of the free trade zone, foreign companies registered in Shanghai can enjoy multiple Preferential policies, so more and more foreigners register companies in Shanghai

What is a foreign company: The so-called foreign company refers to an enterprise established by a foreign investor in China under the premise of complying with national laws. It belongs to a Chinese legal person, but foreign companies and branches of other economic organizations in China do not belong to foreign companies..

Process Foreign company registration process in Shanghai:

1. Checking the name is the first step in the registration of a foreign company in Shanghai. First, you need to check whether the company name has already been used by peers, and similar names cannot be used. It usually takes 5 working days to check the name, and you can get the name approval notice after passing, otherwise you need to check the name again.

2. After the name check is completed, the application for registration of establishment of the enterprise needs to be submitted to the Foreign Investment Committee for approval. Note: All materials must be brought, and this process generally takes about 20 working days.

3. Applying for a business license: Submit the prepared industrial and commercial materials to the Bureau of Industry and Commerce to apply for a business license. It will take about 10 working days after the materials are prepared.

4. Carved seal: Generally it includes official seal, financial seal and corporate seal. If other seals are needed, it needs to be explained in advance, and it usually takes about 1 working day.

5. Bank Account Opening: Select the bank to open an account and bring the business license and official seal to the bank

As we all know, Shanghai is dominated by foreigners. Many foreigners choose to register a company in Shanghai. The above is the basic process. Return to Sohu, see more

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