Do you still need notarization for house inheritance in 2019?

On July 5, 2019, the Ministry of Justice issued a notice on the abolition of the Joint Notice of the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Construction on Strengthening the Notarization in Real Estate Registration Management, which means that the notarization link that has accompanied the inheritance of housing heritage for many years has been No longer required.

2. If the agent applies on behalf of the agent, the entrusted agent must submit a power of attorney and an ID card and a copy thereof; other agents must submit proof of their qualifications for agency;

After reviewing the above-mentioned certificates, the materials are true and complete, and meet the requirements of the “Notarization Procedure Rules (Trial)”, the Notary Office shall accept, register, and handle notarization.

Where the applicant submits notarized materials (original) or legal documents (original) in force, registration shall be made in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Provisional Regulations on the Registration of Real Estate and the Implementation Rules of the Provisional Regulations on Registration of Real Estate .

1. (Notarized) The application materials (original) to be submitted by the applicant. IDs, census books or other identification certificates of all heirs or beneficiaries;

2. The death certificate of the heir or beneficiary, including the death certificate issued by the medical institution; the death certificate issued by the public security organ or the cancellation of the account certificate with the date of death; the people s court s death sentence; other certificates that can prove the heir or bequest Materials of human death, etc.;

3. Certificates of kinship between all heirs or beneficiaries and the heirs or beneficiaries, including household registration books, marriage certificate adoption certificates, birth certificates, public security agencies and village committees, neighborhood committees, units of the heirs or heirs Proof materials, other materials that can prove related kinship, etc.;

Renounce 4. If you renounce inheritance, you should sign a declaration of renunciation of inheritance right at the office of the real estate registration agency under the witness of the personnel of the real estate registration agency;

Before accepting the registration, all legal heirs or beneficiaries should go to the real estate registration agency where the real estate is located to check the inheritance materials. The applicant signs the inheritance (bequest) real estate registration form. The real estate registration agency may inquire about whether the heir or beneficiary is complete, whether he is willing to accept or abandon inheritance, whether there is any objection to the real estate succession agreement or will content and authenticity, whether the information submitted is true, and make records. Signed and confirmed by all relevant personnel.

The above are some of the relevant inheritance materials compiled by the editor of In summary, we can understand that if all the certification materials are complete, you can submit the certification materials and relevant application forms to the office certificate officer for acceptance .

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