Foreigners ask: Why are more and more students studying in China and staying there after graduation?


Students flock to China. Their purpose is not to get a good education, but to see the Chinese job market. The Chinese economy is growing rapidly and creating a lot of job opportunities. Most of my students are parents Persuaded to come to China.

China s higher education has made remarkable progress. Although it still lags behind the United States, Western Europe, and Japan, tuition fees in Chinese universities are cheaper than in developed countries, and China also offers international student scholarships to friendly countries.

First, many foreign students study in China because they come from poor countries and their education is worse than China. These students are mainly from Russia, Africa and Asia. Second, China s 985 universities already have a globally competitive education quality. Finally , China is an open country and it is willing to provide international students with scholarships for international students to exert their influence.

China may not be able to provide better education, but it can provide more opportunities. If you want to seize these opportunities, then the necessary condition is to understand China and come to China to study and become the most wise choice.

The quality of education in China is equivalent to that of Western institutions. In addition, China is the fastest growing country in the world. It provides more job opportunities than any other economy. China is also the world s largest trader. Foreign students go to China. It s really not just for education, but for future careers.

The United States may have a job and hope that foreign students will improve their economy, but it is difficult for foreign students to find a job in the United States.

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