Foreigners can buy high-speed rail tickets in China with passport information

1.Foreigners who purchase high-speed rail tickets in China can use their valid passports to purchase train tickets.

2. When the railway transport enterprise implements the real-name system of ticket, please purchase the ticket with the original or copy of the valid ID of the passenger, and hold the ticket and the original valid ID of the passenger who used to purchase the ticket to enter the station and board, but Except for children who ride for free and children with child tickets.

Valid ID documents include: resident identity card, temporary ID card, household registration book, travel permit, military security card, military officer ID, armed police officer ID, soldier ID, military student ID, military civilian ID card, military retired ID card, as required Valid passports, Hong Kong and Macau Residents Mainland Pass, Taiwan Residents Mainland Pass, Mainland Residents Taiwan Pass, Foreigner Residence Permit (including Permanent Residence Permit), Foreigner Entry and Exit Permit, Diplomat Card 24 types of consulate card, seaman s card, foreigner s identity certificate issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, passport loss certificate issued by the immigration management department of the local public security organ, and temporary identity certificate of passenger train issued by the railway public security department A valid minor ID also includes a student ID.

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