Foreigners come to China and find that they are using Alipay and WeChat to pay for US tech giants le

In China, three years ago, if you went out without money, it would definitely be unreliable. If you go out in the morning and want to buy a pancake fruit, you may not be able to pay without cash. But today, whether it sa restaurant or a grandpa who sells baked sweet potatoes, When you go to spend, you have a big two-dimensional code in front of you, scanning digital payments through cashless methods. The development of China s Internet has completely overturned traditional payment methods. In 2016, the value of China s mobile payment transactions reached 38 trillion yuan, about 50 times that of the United States. Later, the momentum has become extremely eye-catching. China has been at the forefront of a cashless society. Silicon Valley companies in the United States have rushed to China to learn from their experiences. Looking at how China s mobile payment is done, Chinese Internet companies are at the forefront of the world in the field of mobile payment.

At a conference in Ali this year, a foreign reporter asked a beauty: how long can 400 yuan of cash be used in China? The beauty answered that the guy was shocked. 400 yuan can actually be used in China for many months. Young Chinese Nowadays, they are used to paying with Alipay and WeChat, and rarely use cash.

Front-end time, on 2ch in Japan (Japanese version of Baidu Post Bar), there is a post that says how developed China s current cashless payment is. This post talks about the dominance of WeChat and Alipay in cashless payment. Various interesting examples were given. Fruit vendors used QR codes to receive payments, temples used QR codes to accept donations, and beggars went out without bowls and QR codes. After seeing it, Japanese netizens couldn t accept this fact. In their opinion, China is very backward, but they are so much ahead of them in cashless payment. Then the hearts of Japanese netizens broke down, and they began to talk about Japan s own country, and scolded directly.

On April 8th, CNN reporters experienced a day of cashless living in Beijing. They only took a mobile phone to go out, go out to take a taxi, drink coffee, buy pancakes, buy movie tickets, etc. One day, CNN reporter Will Ripley said I doubt that Beijing can survive for one day without a wallet, but the result is that cashless payment is very simple, very convenient, and unlimited payment is very popular.

Executives from companies such as Facebook are trying to replicate what has already appeared in China. China is the first to test the water in many fields. In China, people who use mobile devices to pay bills, order services, watch videos, and look for data are There must be more everywhere in the world. In the past, we always said that China s technology industry has been plagiarizing Silicon Valley, but today s technology industry, especially in the mobile Internet, is leading the United States in many ways. Western technology giants are Chinese companies. Seeking creativity inside.

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