Foreigners in China: how to live without mobile phones?

After two weeks of adapting to Chinese life, I’ve been fully armed: my new mobile phone number, my bank account in China, and my wechat account with both of them. Think about it: the night is deep, and I’m still empty. Tired, I don’t want to cook myself or even bother to eat in a restaurant a block away. Fortunately, China is so good that I can just move my fingers to deliver the takeout home. I open the meituan app on my mobile or hungry app, and order whatever I want.
China is already a country with a high level of globalization. In addition to pizza hut, McDonald’s, Taco Bell and other fast food chains (remind you that Taco Bell is still hard to find), I have many choices. I like Chinese food, so choosing more is a great welfare. I decided to eat fried noodles, pay 6 yuan with red packets, and wechat fingerprint identification can confirm the payment. Simple and convenient, I have to admit that half of my time in China is about taking out. Yes, they can take delivery to the office, even if you sit by the lake in any park. I hope this will give you a glimpse of the magic of the business world under China’s e-payment system, but this is not all.
If the above example can’t convince you, I’m really lazy. But I like that there are many options for me to choose from, and that’s what shopping is all about. Fortunately, China’s Taobao has saved me. I know foreigners will say, “we already have Amazon!” I said Taobao has many choices, which means that there are many options for anything you want or need. Don’t worry about people who don’t speak Chinese or don’t like Taobao. Baopals can save everything. It’s an all English website with all the products on Taobao – no, baopals doesn’t hire me to advertise, but I really need to think about it. If necessary, you can also contact the English customer service of the website. Don’t worry. Their English is very good. I have contacted them. Cool and crazy things can also be bought on baopals, such as the whole bathroom, watermelon faucet tool (which can extract watermelon juice directly, and looks like a faucet), and my favorite: customized bicycle. After selecting goods, payment is as simple as ordering food online. The only problem is that Taobao does not accept WeChat payment and can only use Alipay, but Baopals can pay with WeChat. I will not talk about the difference between WeChat payment and Alipay. I use all two of them, which is your personal preference.
Did I say too much? That’s where it goes. If you are not so lazy as I am, you will sit in the dining room. Excellent! Scan the QR code with your mobile phone and you can go! Want to make friends? No problem, you can buy the whole order, and then friends open wechat to transfer it to you. Another advantage of mobile payment is that some hotels can give you a discount, or give you points that can be exchanged for a discount. Shopping in any store or mall is just as easy to pay for.
You ask, what about entertainment? Popular reviews come in handy. You can find a lot of great activities on it, including movies, KTV, etc., and they are usually discounted with popular reviews. At the beginning of the year, I bought movie tickets and went to see the 3D version of “where is the magical animal” with my friends. Each ticket costs only 30 yuan, and the cinema 70 yuan. We didn’t print out the tickets. They just scanned the QR code after I bought the tickets, and we could watch the movie.
It may be a little late. You have to take a bus, but there is no money on the bus card. No problem. The bus now supports mobile payment. If you are willing to travel healthily, rent a shared bike and scan the QR codes on orange or blue bikes with your mobile phone, you can ride the whole city happily. If you want to be more comfortable and don’t use more energy, like me, you can drop in and pick you up in a few minutes and go anywhere. Best of all, all of these options are easy and secure to pay with your own phone.
In China, it’s really “my cell phone is my life”. But I think it’s a good thing! I don’t have to count money or find a way to save up the change. I don’t even have to take out my bank card and swipe it. I have a perfect record. Needless to say, I will miss all these conveniences when I return to America. There is no doubt that China has achieved great success in online shopping malls and electronic payment systems. In this regard, I look forward to greater and better development of China in the future.

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