Foreigners must also pay social security for employment in Yantai

How does the unit handle social security registration?

How does the employer apply for social security registration? Liu Zhaojun, a staff member of the human resources department of an electronics company in Laishan District, advised. The staff of Yantai Social Insurance Service Center made a clear reply, in accordance with the Notice of Shandong Province Human Resources and Social Security Department on Forwarding the Documents of the People s and Social Affairs Department [2016] No. 130 to Do a Good Job in the Social Insurance Registration of the Five Cards in One In the relevant spirit, starting from October 1, 2016, social insurance registration certificates will no longer be applied for newly established enterprises. Instead, the industrial and commercial administration departments will simultaneously complete the social insurance registration of enterprises when they apply for industrial and commercial registration. In other words, after October 1, 2016, an enterprise registered in the Market Supervision and Administration Burea u no longer needs to go through social insurance registration formalities at a social insurance agency, and can pay social insurance to its employees.

According to relevant regulations, an enterprise that declares and pays for the first time only needs to go to the social insurance agency in the place where the enterprise is registered to fill in the Enterprise (individual industrial and commercial households) social insurance supplementary information registration form , and then it can handle the declaration of social insurance contributions. The social insurance agency retrieves the basic information of the enterprise registered by the reporting unit in the market management department through the unified social credit code , supplements and improves the relevant information of social insurance, verifies the payment insurance types and payment rates, and simultaneously opens the Yantai Social Insurance Unit Online Service System . After the system is opened, units can handle related services such as increase, decrease, base declaration, and social security payment through the system.

Old Foreigners also have to pay insurance for employment in tobacco

I was hired by a company in the development zone last week. I would like to know how long should the employer apply for social insurance registration for me after I successfully join the company? Said Che Inxiu, a consultant from Korea.

In the case of foreigners employment and insurance coverage in China, employers recruiting foreigners in accordance with law shall apply for social insurance registration at the local social insurance agency within 30 days from the date of application for employment documents.

How do foreigners register for social insurance?

To handle social insurance registration for foreigners working in China, due to special circumstances, they need to go to the social insurance agency on-site. The insured unit must first register the employment of foreign personnel working in the unit through the foreign expert department. The employer should hold the Increase Form for Social Insurance Contribution, The Register of Foreigner Employment Registration, within 30 days from the date of employment. A copy of passport and a copy of Foreigner s Work Permit , go to the social insurance agency that pays social insurance to go through the registration formalities, and pay social insurance synchronously with the unit.

When reducing the number of employees, you need to fill in the “Reduction Form for Social Insurance Fees Paid by Enterprises” and provide the “Certificate of Cancellation / Termination of Labor Contracts” and work permit cancellation certificate filed by the Human Resources Department.

Among them, insurers in countries such as South Korea, Germany, and the People s Republic of China that have signed bilateral social insurance mutual reciprocity agreements must submit a certificate of participation payment issued by the other country at the same time when they register for social insurance. The social insurance costs within a fixed time limit will be levied automatically after the exemption time limit expires. If you need to continue exemption, you need to continue to provide proof of participation payment.

Foreigners who no longer continue to work in China, or who have changed their work units in China, shall go through the procedures for cancellation, change and social insurance reduction of foreigners in accordance with relevant regulations. For those leaving China, you can withdraw the full amount of your personal pension account through an individual application. During the period of payment of social insurance fees, foreigners shall enjoy corresponding social insurance benefits in accordance with regulations.

From October 2011, Yantai City, in accordance with the relevant provisions of Order No. 16 of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People s Republic of China, registered social insurance for foreign employees employed in China, and collected social insurance fees in accordance with law. So far, more than 1,000 foreigners have registered for social insurance.

Yantai has launched Social Insurance Online Service System

In order to facilitate enterprises to handle social insurance business and improve service quality, the Yantai Social Insurance Service Center has launched the Yantai Social Insurance Online Service System . A staff member of the Municipal Social Insurance Center said that more than 98% of enterprises have already opened. With this system in place, after the enterprise opens the system, the participating units can directly log in to the Yantai Social Insurance Online Service System through the link of the official website of the Yantai Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to complete their own social insurance related business operations.

The insured units that have opened the Online Service System can perform online social insurance staff increase, decrease, base declaration, maintain the contact numbers of enterprises and employees, query the details of unit payment documents and the payment status of employees of the unit , and view the latest Social insurance policy notifications and other operations have greatly saved the time and labor and material costs of enterprises in handling social insurance business, and facilitated the procedures for enterprises. Since the system was put into use in September 2016, many insured units and employees no longer need to go to the social insurance agency to apply on-site, which has provided great convenience for enterprises and insured employees, and made us the social insurance agency of Yantai City. The service level and service efficiency have been greatly improved.

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