How do overseas passengers refund tax? What are the key points to grasp?

The tax refund policy for departure refers to the tax refund policy for foreign tourists who carry out the tax refund items purchased at designated shops for tax refunds. Let s take a look at the relevant content of overseas tourists shopping for tax refund items. How do overseas passengers refund tax? In fact, we should catch five keywords.

The first key word is overseas.

When we understand the identity of passengers, we must pay attention to the fact that overseas refers to non-resident taxpayers. It is not only required that the taxpayer does not have a fixed place of residence in China, the second point is to satisfy the cumulative residence period in China less than 183 days. Foreigners and compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who meet both conditions are collectively referred to as overseas. Then, they have the right to apply for departure tax refund when they are shopping in our country .

The second key word is travelers.

The The passenger here refers to natural person, that is, it does not include enterprises, limited companies, unlimited companies, etc., which is directed at natural persons.

The third key word is shopping.

Our overseas tourists have three requirements for shopping in China:

The first requirement is that the unit price of shopping must be more than 500 yuan;

The second requirement, since it is shopping, it cannot be called consumption. That is to say, at least the outer packaging is not removed, you can t buy it immediately, use it immediately;

The third requirement is that people and things must go together. For example, if a foreign passenger applies for a tax refund when leaving the country, you must not say that the thing was bought and sent to a courier, although the package was not unpacked , and it is not possible to handle the tax refund when leaving the country. This is not possible. You must not unpack after you buy it. When you leave the country, either people or things will be on the plane together or they will be randomly checked. This can be called shopping.

The fourth key word is departure.

Although Although our country has stipulated that overseas tourists have the right to rebate taxes when shopping, not every departure port can handle tax rebates. Then, when the tax refund is processed at the departure port, it must be the outlet where the tax refund has been opened, so there are currently 26 cities in the country.

The fifth keyword is tax refund.

Everyone will find that when we apply for the relevant tax refund, we must rely on a valid original voucher, which is also called our ID card, our passport, and more importantly, a small shopping ticket. At the same time, when applying for a tax refund, it must be required that the distance from the date of purchase of the product should be less than or equal to 90 days. If our purchase date is more than 90 days when applying for tax refund, even if you are at the departure tax refund point, you have no right to enjoy departure tax refund.

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