How foreigners apply for a criminal record-free certificate in China

According to the Notice of the Notarization Department of the Ministry of Justice on Whether Foreign Citizens Have Been Received Criminal Penal Sanctions During Their Residence in China (Si Gong Zi 90 No. 55 Document), the regulations: For foreign citizens who have lived in China for more than half a year, Those who are subject to criminal sanctions should apply for proof of their identity, the time and place of residence in China, what kind of work or school they are studying in, and apply to the notary office of their last place of residence in China. If a foreign citizen who has worked and studied in a relevant unit or school in China has not applied for a certificate of criminal sanctions while living in China, the notary office shall accept the materials provided by the applicant to the unit that has worked or studied in China or The school conducts an investigation, and the unit or school issues a certificate for the applicant to whether or not he has been subject to criminal san ctions while working or studying in the unit or school, and the notary office accordingly handles the notarization of whether the party has been subject to criminal sanctions while living in China. Therefore, the notary office shall be responsible for accepting, investigating and issuing opinions.

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