How foreigners can log in to Alipay without a Chinese ID

The steps are as follows:

1. The first step is to turn on the computer, log in to the official Alipay website, log in with the account and password you have applied to enter [Account Settings]-[Basic Information]-[Real Name Authentication]-[Immediate Authentication] this process.

2. The second step is to enter the main page of [Immediate Authentication], and click on the two words foreign nationality under the Immediate Authentication (Mainland) button, as follows.

3. The third step is to fill in all the real foreigner information according to the prompts, especially the passport number and photo must be clear enough.

4. The fourth step is to fill in the information and click [Next] to enter the bank card binding page, as shown below.

5. The fifth step is to fill in the bank card information and click [Next] to enter the final information confirmation page, as follows.

6. The sixth step is to wait for review. After one or two days, Alipay will deposit an amount of less than one dollar into the bank account filled in. After receiving this amount, log in to the Alipay page according to the specific amount , enter the amount, and click the [OK] button.

How to authenticate without a bank card in mainland China:

The bank card supporting authentication requires a bank card processed in the mainland

According to the requirements of the People s Bank of China, if your payment account fails to complete the identity information, payment through the balance will be affected; but if you pay through online banking, express payment and other payment methods, it will not be affected.

If you are currently unable to apply for a bank card (or other verification method) to complete your identity information when opening an account in mainland China, you can continue to use online banking and other methods of payment. If you apply for a bank card in mainland China later, you can also use this bank card to complete the identity information and complete the account upgrade.

Reference source: Alipay official website-what to do if there is no bank card in mainland China for authentication

Foreign users can register Alipay account normally. To apply for Alipay real-name authentication, you need to provide passport + entry certificate (or Permanent Residence Permit for Foreigners / Foreign Residence Permit issued by the People s Republic of China) + my mainland bank account.

Specific real-name certification process:

1. Open, log in to Alipay account- [Account Settings]-[Basic Information], and click [Authenticate Now];

2, click [foreign nationality];

3. Fill in the information as prompted;

1) The real name can only contain Chinese characters, letters, spaces and dots in the symbol, and a horizontal line.) The contact phone allows the entry of 3 numbers, -, and +. Fill in the mainland mobile phone number, 11 digits, and begin with 13/14/15/18; overseas or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions wire over the age.

4. Click [Next] and fill in the bank card information of the foreign user;

Bank cards supporting certification: Industrial Bank, China Minsheng Bank, SPDB, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Merchants Bank, Bank of Communications, Bank of China, Guangfa Bank, CITIC Bank, China Everbright Bank, Hangzhou Bank, China Post Savings Bank , Ping An Bank.

1) The bank card must be a savings card (passbook is not supported), and the account opening name must be the same as the name filled in when applying for authentication.

2) Hangzhou Bank Savings Card only supports current account.

3) Bank of China does not support making payments with dots in the name.

4) Real Bank Authentication is not supported for the time being.

Only names with a length of more than 20 characters are supported by the China Merchants Bank for payment verification. When other banks apply, the message [Sorry that it cannot be operated temporarily] will appear.

5. Click [Next] to enter the confirmation page;

6. Wait for 1-2 days, Alipay will deposit a sum of less than 1 yuan into the filled bank account. After receiving it, log in to the Alipay account and click [Apply for authentication], and click Enter the amount of the payment ;

7. After the amount is confirmed, the customer service will review it within two days;

9. You can query the reason for the failure;

10. Manual review is successful.

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