How foreigners pay with WeChat

You can register for an overseas account, you cannot bind a bank card, you can only choose a credit card when paying, and then pay with a credit card with VISA, MAST ER or JCB channels abroad. It s not clear how much it costs. The refund is refunded to the credit card.

If you have a friend with a domestic bank card, you can recharge online banking. Login Alipay, select recharge, select online banking, and follow the instructions. You cannot recharge Alipay with online banking without logging in to Alipay. The Alipay payment page now hides online banking payment by default. Please see the menu on the top left corner that has a vertical setting for the cashier. It will only be displayed if it is set. If it is not displayed, please close the browser, restart the browser, delete the cache, close the browser and try again.

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