How to apply for FDA certification in Shanghai

Mr. Lu is in Shanghai, China, and needs to have a crime-free certificate while living in the United States 5 years ago. Because Mr. Lu himself does not want to submit an application in the United States in person, after consultation, Jiabang will handle it.

He Jiabang can issue the United States crime-free certificate and handle the relevant embassy certification procedures.

United States Certificate of No Criminal Record Issuing Agency:

1. A US criminal record certificate issued by the FBI.

2. No criminal record certificate issued by the local police station.

Which specific United States criminal record certificate needs to be selected depends on the actual requirements of domestic government departments.

Usually, for immigration, you need to provide a crime-free certificate issued by the US fbi for employment entry, and the work permit only needs to use the US fingerprint-free crime-free certificate.

The FBI innocence certificate in the United States can cover the entire territory of the United States, so Jiabang will recommend that the parties apply for an fbi innocent certificate.

U.S. criminal record proof

1. Scanned copy of applicant s passport information page

U.S. crime-free certification certification process:

US International Notary Lawyer Notarization

Certificate of U.S. Secretary of State

Certification Chinese Embassy and Consulate Certification

Scanned copies of US documents are provided. You only need to send the documents to the US Consulate for certification. The certification process for sending to the embassy will be complicated, the certification time will be extended, and the cost will increase. It can be used normally.

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