How to fill in the nationality on the Chinese national identity card for foreigners

A resident identity card is a document that every legal citizen must have. It is the most important and necessary document for everyone to prove their identity. Our first-generation ID card in China was issued in 1984, and now we are using the second- generation ID card issued by China in 2004.

Everyone has a nationality on their ID card. This column needs to be filled out. If it belongs to the 56 nationalities in China, then the ethnicity column is better to fill in. Just fill in your own ethnicity The Han nationality fills the Han nationality is the Dai nationality fills the Dai nationality.

But there are some special cases. For example, some people are Chinese, but they are not among the 56 nations. For example, the Qing people living in Guizhou and Guangxi areas do not belong to 56 ethnic groups, and their number is not enough to become a large ethnic group. Therefore, on the ID card, three ethnic groups are posted. word.

As our country continues to grow, many foreigners also want to join China s nationality. So how do they fill in the ethnicity column? There are generally three situations. For example, the ethnic groups of some countries are similar to one of the 56 ethnic groups in China. Then you can fill in this ethnic group. For example, North Koreans and South Koreans can fill the Korean race, while Russians can favor the Russian race.

The second type is particularly different from China s nationalities, and none of our 56 ethnic groups in China are similar to other countries. Then the nationality column on their Chinese ID card can add their own nationality.

The third is that some foreigners choose the Han nationality in order to better integrate into China, so that they will become close to the Chinese, and they will not become aliens in the eyes of the Chinese, but will become real Chinese.

In short, no matter what nationality and country you are, as long as you have Chinese nationality, you can get China s protection, no matter what nationality you are. China is so powerful.

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