International students of Yancheng Institute of Technology interact with Chinese students to experie

China News Network, Jiangsu News, November 21 (correspondent Gu Renkai Yuli) On the evening of November 19, 22 people from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Yancheng Institute of Technology from South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia, Morocco, Sudan , Burundi, Ukraine and other countries International students, at the university s South Campus Student Activity Center, learn paper cutting, exchange calligraphy, watch song and dance performances with Chinese students, and experience the beauty of Chinese culture in laughter.

At the event, the international students gathered together to enjoy the food and enjoy the performance. The melodious flute Su Wu Shepherd kicked off the party. Chinese students brought dances such as Wanderer s Pipa , State of Etiquette , solo Swallow s Nest , chorus Lisao , piano solo, etc., exuding Chinese classical charm, which made the international students enjoy themselves. Korean student Lee Ki-soo brought guitar to sing, and an 8-year- old Korean child also followed his mother to the scene to perform Chinese martial arts.

Chinese students at the school also prepared pen, ink and paper 彩, as well as colored paper, scissors and other items, to lead international students to get up close and personal with the art of calligraphy and paper cutting. Asin from Morocco wrote THANKS FOR LOVE in Arabic to express his love for China and the Chinese people.

China s culture is vast and profound, with rich connotations, and it will be endlessly memorable. After the event, international student Che Jingshu from South Korea said that she loves Chinese culture, Chinese cities, and the Chinese people. She has been in Yancheng for three months, and the city is very welcoming. Currently she is studying Chinese at Yancheng Institute of Technology, her husband is also working in Yancheng, and her two children are also receiving education in a kindergarten in Yancheng.

We invite foreign students to touch Chinese culture and experience Chinese culture together in order to promote cultural exchanges and promote cultural prosperity. Foreign friends can appreciate the traditions and modernity of Chinese culture and experience Chinese culture through paper-cutting, calligraphy and other works of art with Chinese symbols. Unique charm. Said the head of the Youth League School of Yancheng Institute of Technology.

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