Introduction of Shanghai Laowai Street

Shanghai s Laowai Street scenic spot, a leisure landmark on Hongmei Road, is the first in Shanghai to condense the flavor restaurants of more than a dozen countries into one street.

Chinese food in the street mainly includes 6 cuisines including Shanghai cuisine, southern Anhui cuisine, Xinjiang cuisine, etc. Foreign dining mainly includes 14 countries including Japan, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, United States, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Greece, etc. 23 theme restaurants and bars. This is another reason for its attention, because it was a section of Chairman Mao s 101 train line. With the development of urban construction, the 101 special line railway has been suspended, and the remaining old factory buildings have been transformed into international restaurants and bars. Shanghai s Laowai Street scenic area, originally called Hongmei Road Leisure Street, is a 500-meter-long street with two ends connected to Hongxu Road and Hongmei Road. The leisure street adopts a European style design, with winding trees and lush trees. There are also modern sculptures, fountains, and small waterfalls at the branch of the block. Walking on the street, the shops with the characters written in various countries make people feel like being in a small United Nations. The flavor restaurants of more than a dozen countries are concentrated here. Several Chinese restaurants such as Shanghai cuisine, South Anhui cuisine, Northwestern cuisine, and Japan and Thailand. Themed restaurants and bars in more than ten countries, including India, India, Iran, and Mexico, have accumulated a lot of popularity. Restaurants in each country reflect the characteristics of their country in terms of store decoration and dishes, and more than half of the restaurants are opened by foreigners …

Laowai Street is located on the boundary between Changning and Minhang (from 3338 Hongmei Road to 797 Hongxu Road)

Subway: Line 10 Extension

Bus: 757, 149, 809, Xumei Line, 700, 709

The most attractive part of the Laowai Street scenic area is its open restaurant environment. Each store carefully decorated its own restaurant and outdoor seats with beautiful and individual characteristics: The seats of the Shiraz Iranian restaurant are similar to tatami, and the outdoor sofa can be used for guests to lay down a hookah; there is a wooden door at the J \\ u0026 J bar. High stools, visitors can enjoy more than a hundred kinds of wine and drinks here, and also show their skills on the latest nine -ball table in the entire Leisure Street; sports-themed bars are featured with widescreen LCD TVs, and every night when there are sports events Here, it is lively and exploded; the third-degree art bar is named after art, and its unique bottle decoration and artwork display are very different. The leisure street that seems to be wandering is exquisite in the details. You can find a miniature water well in the grass. When you look up, you have to knead sweat for the bicyc le suspended on the windowsill on the second floor. [1] In May 2012, Laowai Street 101 has officially become a national 3A scenic spot

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