Is the treatment policy for foreign students in Chinese colleges or universities good?

Of course, China treats foreign students the best, and 1v3 students are still comparable.

留 Chinese international students have encountered some things abroad and haven t dealt with them. They first go to classmates to help them.

The scholarship is no better than that. Foreign students in China get more than Chinese students and it is easier. In European universities, it seems that Finnish universities have clearly written scholarships for Chinese students, and other regions treat Chinese students as ordinary students. In terms of tuition fees, you should pay as much tuition fees as you can, and registration fees if you have no tuition fees.

In terms of accommodation, there are special international student apartments in China. I remember Sichuan University had at least 10 years ago. In Europe, there are student apartments that are mixed with domestic students and international students, and there are no male or female apartments or floors. What men and women will be divided into a studio, sharing a toilet and bathroom. If there is a housing standard in the student apartment, international students will most likely be assigned to the lowest grade first.

As for registration and application, it is unclear whether domestic universities have preferential treatment. Application and registration of international students by European universities is a standard. However, if you are a Chinese student going to Audeby, you will receive special care from APS. This should be the only special care for Chinese students.

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