Japanese set off in China: choose to settle in Shanghai

With the development of China’s strength, many foreign countries still insist on immigrating to China after knowing the difficulty of immigration. Among them, many of our neighboring countries in Japan want to immigrate to China, and the most popular city for Japanese immigrants is Shanghai.
With the influx of more and more Japanese people, Shanghai is almost in the invisible “occupied” by people who want to immigrate in Japan. So why do so many Japanese want to settle in Shanghai? Their second hometown? Please take a look with Xiaobian! Japanese residents have high employment pressures. Coupled with the small size of the country, it is more difficult to buy a house than to buy a house in China. So many Japanese have rushed to Shanghai, which is very developed in the sea.
As China is in the period of rising development, people have many opportunities for development, and there are many careers that can be engaged. In addition, various conveniences in life, mobile payment, online shopping express, take-away, drip, etc. are deeply attracted. The Japanese who lived in Shanghai, plus Shanghai itself, are very developed cities.
Whether it is import trade or tourism, it also gives the Japanese room for development. The pressure in Shanghai is not so great, and even life can be very good. This time, more and more Japanese people have come to Shanghai to settle down. As time progressed, even Japanese schools were opened in Shanghai to promote the culture of their country. As a result, there is a phenomenon in which Shanghai is faintly “occupied” by the Japanese.
However, although there are many people coming to settle in Shanghai, it is impossible to settle in here for a long time. The immigration certificate in China is very difficult. Even if the Japanese have lived in China for more than ten years, as long as they have not obtained China’s If you live for a long time, you will not be able to settle in China.

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