Li Yuan, the founding emperor of the Tang Dynasty who was covered by his son‘s light, is no less suc

The descendants of the founding emperor of Xiliang during the period were very prominent. Therefore, Li Yuan s education level from childhood was very high. Li Yuan s grandfather and father both held important positions in the court of the Northern Zhou Dynasty and had a distinguished position. Li Yuan s mother was Sui Wendi.

Because of the influence of Li Yuan s father and grandfather, Li Yuan realized that he would definitely take over the Li family s career when he grew up, so he studied very hard since he was a child, so that he would have the ability to inherit Li s family when he grew up. Fortune, Li Yuan, who grew up, not only had great achievements in learning, but also was very relaxed in dealing with people, and was very cheerful in character, and he was also very easy-going, and he was also an intelligent person. When Li Yuan was seven years old, his father died of illness, and Li Yuan inherited his father s position and the wealth of the Li family.

Due to the noble status of Li Yuan, Emperor Sui Wen established the Sui Dynasty in the first year of the emperor. In addition, Li Yuan s mother and the lone queen of Emperor Sui Wen were sisters. Li Yuan was reused by Emperor Sui Wen and was very close to Li Yuan. To prepare for the thousand cows and accumulate the history of the thorns of the three states, Li Yuan could be a retired minister beside Emperor Sui Wen at ease, but one person changed Li Yuan s thinking , and one named Shi Shiliang People, who often show face to face and are very accurate, tell Li Yuan that the bones are fine, and he must be the king of a country in the future. After hearing these words, Li Yuan has set great goals.

After Emperor Sui Yang succeeded, Li Yuan was reused by Emperor Sui Yang and granted Li Yuan an important position in the dynasty, but Li Yuan never forgot Shi Shiliang s words. When he was an official and went out for rebellion, he kept making ties. The world is heroic, but after being known by the action Emperor Sui Yang, he was jealous of Emperor Sui Yang. After learning about it, Li Yuan felt bad. On one occasion, Emperor Sui Yang had the intention to kill Li Yuan . Li Yuan had to say that he could not get sick all day. North Korea and the stigma of drunkenness, corruption and bribery all spread, which made Emperor Sui Yang disbelieve Li Yuan, and Li Yuan saved his life.

After 13 years of great cause, Li Yuan was obliged to destroy the Taiyuan generation of thieves and become the highest military and political officer in Taiyuan. Moreover, Li Yuan was constantly recruiting loyal people to expand his strength during the peasant uprising. Li Yuan s son, Li Shimin, was also a very talented man. He knew that casually dying would sooner or later. Also secretly made heroes. This year, Emperor Sui Yang got the dissatisfaction of the people in the world, and Li Yuan took advantage of this trend, coupled with Li Shimin s friendship with the famous ministers in the DPRK, he conspired to rebel. The soldiers support was also supported by the people. In the second year of Yining, Li Yuan became emperor.

After Li Yuan became emperor, he was also organizing this event that unified the whole country, that is, Li Yuan, so that the initial political economy and culture of the Tang Dynasty had a preliminary model.

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