Mubadala CEO: China is a country worthy of foreign investment

At the 2019 Innovation Economic Forum, Hardun Mubadala, CEO of Mubadala, said on the 21st: 20 years ago, I came to China every two years, and now, I come to China every six weeks. From this experience, it is not difficult to see how the global investment community has changed in the past 20 years. Abu Dhabi is at the intersection of the East and the West. Historically, we used to invest mainly in the West, but now we are investing in the West while moving towards the East. China is an amazing place, a country worthy of foreigners to invest here. China is bound to become the world s largest economy. It is only a matter of time. Although global economists hold different views on this, for investors, in the long run, we must actively invest in China. Investing in China is an important strategy for us, and I am convinced of this. In the past 5 to 10 years, we have all seen great changes in China. The business environment is getting better and better, doing business here is easier, and the number of Chinese entrepreneurs is increasing, which is a very remarkable change. In addition, we have seen a leap in Chinese technology. Whether it is in the field of life sciences or transportation, from the perspective of global investors, the development of technology makes us very eager to participate in Chinese investment. With regard to foreign direct investment, China is becoming more and more open. Although we have also seen challenges, more importantly, we have seen China s progress in many aspects and see the continuity of these advances. I believe that China will make more progress in the future. Because we are here seeing China s booming vitality, and the entrepreneurial spirit of Chinese entrepreneurs is remarkable. Chinese entrepreneurs, such as Alibaba and Tencent, are leading the transformation of enterprises and making these companies the world s leading companies, which makes them not only competitive in China, but also globally. The biggest characteristic of Chinese entrepreneurs is their challenging spirit, which makes Chinese companies internationally competitive. China is already a very large market. Because of continuous opening up, the Chinese market is bound to become a global opportunity.

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