Nan‘an City, Fujian Province

Nan an City is located on the southeast coast of Fujian Province, across the sea from Taiwan Island. It is the starting point of the world-famous Maritime Silk Road and the hometown of national hero Zheng Chenggong. Dongwuzhi County of the Three Kingdoms has a history of more than 1,700 years. In 1993, with the approval of the State Council, the county was withdrawn to establish a city. The city covers an area of ​​2036 square kilometers, and has 23 towns, 3 streets, and 1 economic development zone. It has a population of 1.5 million (2010 statistics) and more than 3 million overseas Chinese.

Luan an has a long history and outstanding people. The county was named Dongan County in the three years of Dongwu Yongan (AD 260). Later dynasties changed, and Jin an and Liang an were used instead. In the ninth year of Sui Kaihuang (AD 589), Nan an County began to be called, and Tang Mao Shengchu (684) set Wurong Prefecture, so Nan an was also called Wurong. In the history of Nan an, it was once the political, economic and cultural center of southern Fujian. It is known as Seaside Zou Lu. The ancient Jinji Port in Fengzhou was the starting point of the ancient Maritime Silk Road. Ouyang Zhan, the pioneer of Bamin culture in the Tang Dynasty, Li Min, an outstanding thinker in the Ming Dynasty, Zheng Chenggong, a national hero, Ye Fei, a famous patriotic overseas Chinese, Li Guangqian and Huang Zhongxian, and their ancestral homes are in Nan an.

Luan an has a superior location and convenient transportation. It borders the downtown area of ​​Quanzhou in the east, Xiamen Special Economic Zone in the west, and is located in the heart of the Golden Triangle in southern Fujian. Fuzhou-Xiamen Expressway , National Highway 324, Provincial Highway 307, 308, Great Coastal Corridor, Zhangquanxiao Railway, Quansan Expressway and Fuzhou-Xiamen High-speed Railway under construction pass through. Shijing Port, a national second-class port, can go straight Hongkong, Kinmen, Matsu, Penghu, and other large, medium-sized cities such as Xiamen, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The urban area is 30 kilometers away from Jinjiang Airport and more than 80 kilometers away from Xiamen Airport. The transportation is convenient and fast. It is an important node of the Southeast Coastal Corridor in Fujian..

The numerous historic sites in Taonan are fascinating. It has a number of well-known historical relics and places of interest. There are 5 national key cultural relics protection units, 14 provincial key cultural relics protection units, and 60 municipal key cultural relics protection units . Zheng Chenggong Mausoleum, Jiuri Mountain Cliff Stone Carvings, Anping Bridge, the world has no bridge to grow this bridge, and the ancient residential buildings of Cai Family are famous; Xuefeng Temple, Fengshan Temple, Lingying Temple, Wutayan, Tianxin Cave and many other temples are famous places of interest. Form a magical religious cultural landscape; Tianzhu Mountain, Huangchao Mountain, Dabai Island, etc., are ecological tourist attractions.

The Nannan people have the spirit of fighting hard and winning, the tradition of being good at business, and being open and compatible. More than 3.3 million Nan an overseas Chinese and compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have enthusiastically supported and actively participated in the construction of the hometown s economic construction and social public welfare undertakings. Over ten consecutive years, overseas Chinese have contributed more than 100 million yuan, ranking first in counties (cities) of Fujian Province. At the same time, Nan an also has more than 300,000 industrial and commercial personnel who work hard in the north and south of the motherland, as well as 34 non-local chambers of commerce in major cities in the country. They are an important part of Fujian businessmen and a new force to promote the economic and social development of Nan an.

After 30 years of reform and opening up, the ancient city of Nan an, a millennium ancient city, has been presented to the world with a brand new look. In the ten years since the county was established, Nanan s development concept has been continuously improved, development ideas have been continuously expanded, and development practices have been continuously deepened. Especially since the 11th Five-Year Plan period, Nanan has set the goal of rejuvenating Nanan s image and staying at the forefront of the province as its goal. Carry out the Project Construction and Investment and Investment Selection Series of Years activity, vigorously implement the Return to Entrepreneurship project, and comprehensively promote the two accelerated construction. Economic and social undertakings have entered the best development period in history, and the GDP 2. The per capita GDP and fiscal revenue have doubled, and the speed and efficiency of economic development have continued to increase. It has won the top ten counties and cities in China s reform, the national science and technology demonstration city, the advanced sports city, the advanced culture city, the popular science demonstration city, and the national double It has the titles of Model City , Top Ten Counties (Cities) of National Trademark Brands, Hometown of Chinese Longan and Hometown of Building Materials.

1. Accelerating economic expansion and rapid development in scientific development. The city s GDP exceeded 50 billion yuan, reaching 57.65 billion yuan, total fiscal revenue exceeded 5 billion yuan, general budget revenue exceeded 2.5 billion yuan, reaching 2.69 billion yuan, and industrial output value above designated size exceeded 100 billion yuan, reaching 103.03 billion yuan. Social fixed asset investment exceeded 20 billion yuan, reaching 21.9 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 34.7%. The cumulative investment in the past five years was 66.88 billion yuan. The total retail sales of social consumer goods were close to 20 billion yuan, reaching 19.64 billion yuan. He was shortlisted for the basic competitiveness of county economy nationwide, the comprehensive strength of small and medium-sized cities, and the top 100 with the greatest investment potential, and has gradually increased to the 47th, 38th, and 28th places each year, ranking No. 22 in Forbes mainland C hina s best county-level cities, and won the China s top ten reformed counties and cities title, has become one of the most active and fastest growing areas in Haixi s county economy.

2. The industrial structure is continuously optimized and the private economy is booming. The proportion of the three industries is adjusted to 3.5: 65.8: 30.7; the scale and competitiveness of the modern agricultural industry have been significantly improved, the standardized production base area has reached 10,000 mu, 107 professional farmers cooperatives have been developed, and the number of pollution-free, green and organic food certifications has reached 125; On the road to high-end and clustering, stone ceramics, footwear and textiles entered the ranks of 20 billion yuan in industrial clusters, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom equipment, machinery and equipment exceeded 15 billion yuan in scale, the photoelectric information industry went from scratch, and became a national high-tech Industrialization base, Second District and Eight Bases accumulatively settled in 292 new projects; the modern service industry accelerated its development, adding 2 logistics enterprises above 3A l evel, 2 tourist attractions above 3A level, and 5 star hotels, newly settled in banks There are six financial institutions in the industry, and Wal-Mart, a Fortune 500 company, has officially settled in, and the added value of the tertiary industry is 17.68 billion yuan. The private economy is booming. There are 1,030 industrial enterprises above designated size and 207 enterprises with a production value of 100 million yuan. The innovation boom has fully flowed. Listed companies have broken from zero to four. Newly identified 31 national high-tech enterprises have been added, and new industries (enterprises) have been added. And 61 engineering and technology centers, 11 well-known trademarks identified by industry and commerce, more than 500 science and technology plan projects, and nearly 1,000 technological transformation projects. Annual patent applications and authorizations exceeded the 2000 mark, and energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of GDP dropped by 15%; 1 new academician ex pert workstation and 1 post-doctoral workstation were newly established, and more than 380 post-doctoral and other high-level talents were introduced. Ranked among the Top Ten Counties in China s Trademark Development and won the titles of Fujian Strong Intellectual Property City and Circular Economy Model City .

3. The infrastructure is more complete and the appearance of urban and rural areas is changing with each passing day. In the past five years, 195 key construction projects have been implemented, with a total investment of 29.1 billion yuan. The density of roads is 4.5 times the national index. The degree of traffic network has entered the ranks of developed regions in the country. 573 new postal convenience outlets have been established, 392 water conservancy projects have been implemented, and offshore There are 100 water environment treatment projects including water areas, 149,000 mu of tree planting and afforestation, 185,000 mu of soil erosion control area, major pollutant emission reduction tasks have been fully completed, the total investment in environmental protection funds has reached 4.16 billion yuan, and the forest coverage rate has reached 52.7% . The ecological environment is better. The built-up area of ​​the central urban area is 27.5 square kilometers, the urban po pulation is 222,000 people, the newly built urban road area is 489,000 square meters, the night scene lighting project is 110 kilometers, the new park green area is 1.49 million square meters, and the ecological environment improvement on both sides of Xixi was selected as a Chinese human settlement. The Environmental Paradigm Award has made the landscape of livable cities and landscapes more prominent, becoming a provincial garden city and a provincial sanitary city. A number of new livable towns have been formed, five pilot towns have completed a total investment of more than 13 billion yuan, and the comprehensive reform reform of Shuitou small towns has ranked first in the province, and the urbanization rate has increased from 33.6% to 51.4%. The rural area has a new look, with a total investment of 1.26 billion yuan in “three rural” support funds, 139 new rural pilot demonstration villages at all levels, and the formation of eight types of new rural areas. A number of advanced models of new rural construction across the country and the province have emerged.

4. The people s life has been greatly improved and the harmonious situation has been further consolidated. In the past five years, the average annual investment of people s livelihood has increased by 73%, and 61 172 private projects have been completed. It has added 93,000 urban jobs, transferred 46,000 rural laborers, and realized per capita disposable income of 24,326 yuan for urban residents. Net income was 10,923 yuan, with an average annual growth of 13% and 11% respectively. The balance of household savings deposits has doubled, and the lives of the people have become more robust. 140,000 seniors over the age of 60 received pensions, 619,000 person-times reported medical expenses of 1.05 billion yuan, built 2,355 affordable housing, and established 2319 households for various types of housing and welfare projects. Basically, the whole people s pension, medical insurance and other guarantees were basically established. Supporting a relatively complete social security system. Coor dinated development of social undertakings. In the past five years, financial investment in education was 3.83 billion yuan, medical and health 1.23 billion yuan, and cultural and sports 260 million yuan. Double Excellence passed the provincial education supervision and assessment and completed 450,000 square meters of school security projects. Newly built 306 farmhouses, 13 township cultural comprehensive stations, 1 national sports park, 205 fitness centers above the provincial level, and won the title of national advanced city of science and technology, culture, sports, science demonstration city, and national support The model city has become the country s cataract-free city, and the creation of education, civilization, and family planning has entered the forefront of the province, and the people have benefited more from reform and development. At the same time, new progress has been made in various other social undertakings.

5. Reform and opening up have been deepened, and the vitality of innovation has continued to emerge. The reform of the state-owned asset management system has been implemented steadily, and the pace of strengthening the expansion of power has been accelerated. The establishment of the Hongqiao Venture Capital Guidance Fund, the implementation of major project BT and BOT operations, trademark pledge financing, micro-credit company pilot projects, project trust financing, and corporate bond issuance have repeatedly pioneered investment and financing mechanisms, and the public resource marketization allocation mechanism has continued to improve, The practice of supporting private enterprises was demonstrated and promoted in Fujian Province. Opening to the outside world has continued to deepen, and the province has taken the lead in implementing the Return to Entrepreneurship project, introducing 1054 projects of various types, with a total investment of 77.85 billion yuan, with an aver age annual increase of 23.7% in actual utilization of foreign capital (capital verification caliber). The market has expanded to 146 countries and regions, and the total value of self-operated export commodities has grown by an average of 20.3% annually, and the open economy has renewed vitality. Take the lead in setting up the first chamber of commerce in Taiwan in the mainland and the first talent exchange service center in Nantai in the province. It successfully held the fourth cross-strait agricultural product procurement and ordering conference, becoming the largest agricultural product distribution center in Taiwan to Taiwan. To achieve normalization, the construction of the three channels is at the forefront of the country.

The construction of a livable and vocational city not only demonstrates the spirit of all citizens who dare to be ahead of others, but also strives for success, and has also achieved rapid development of green economy and significant improvements in ecological environment construction. In this journey full of fighting passion, we have always received the strong support and careful guidance of leaders and experts at all levels, and always enjoyed the extensive participation and active response of people at all levels and departments, and the people of the city. This is to ensure the successful completion of the construction goals. Important guarantee and source of strength. In order to further improve the livable and suitable city environment, our city will continue to use the city s strength to intensify the construction work, and strive to build our city ​​into an economically prosperous, beautiful environment, and livable and ecological city.

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