One international student with three Chinese female college students respects or is not confident? S

After the college entrance examination, many candidates have already yearned for their college life. Some people look forward to expanding their horizons and long-term insights, and some people are looking forward to talking about a vigorous love in college. After all, there are now more men and fewer girls. However, the recent news about foreign students in a university broke the circle of friends of many people and caused a lot of controversy.

Are foreign students really amazing?

In the impression of many people, international students have become rare animals, especially for foreign students, and they are like national treasures— holding in the palm of your hand is afraid of falling, and holding it in your mouth, lest you slow down the foreign students and give Foreigners leave a bad impression. But in fact, international students are also divided into three, six, and nine. Not all are knowledgeable and capable, and some are even inferior to those of domestic universities. Some of the international students are supported by national scholarships to further their studies in other countries and return to their home country after returning to the country; some are excellent students as exchange students and study abroad for a short period of time; and some of them are at their own expense. Can t mix domestically, so I have to go abroad for gilding.

One international student with three Chinese female college students, respect or lack confidence? Sorority photo exposure

Recently, some netizens broke the news. In order to allow foreign students to have a good impression of the school, a 211 college enrollment form has been specially prepared to encourage students to make foreign friends of the opposite sex and become each other s Study Companion. This was not a bad thing at first, but according to this netizen, a foreign student was matched with a college student, and now a foreign student is matched with three female college students, which instantly made many students unable to understand.

Later, after the photos of the Student Friendship Association organized by this university came out, it seems that the netizens opinions have also been confirmed, and the domestic college students participating in the friendship party are mainly women. However, for this matching phenomenon, boys at this university gave a plausible explanation-there are more girls in the school and they are more active in participating in various activities.

However, there is a lot of controversy among netizens about this kind of high match for international students. Some people think that this is a kind of unconfident behavior. Taking foreign students as treasures and matching multiple female schoolmates is far beyond the limit of respect. According to the latest news today, in order to help foreign students who were fractured in traffic accidents, the university also recruited 25 volunteers with great fanfare at the university, asking men to volunteer for 7 hours each. With the exposure of the matchmate of international students, this recruitment announcement has been withdrawn.

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