People Republic of China Permanent Residence Card

China began to formally establish a permanent residence permit management system for foreigners in August 2004.

On May 28, 2017, the Ministry of Public Security of China announced that in order to further improve the level of service for foreigners who reside permanently, the Ministry of Public Security decided to use the 2017 version of the Permanent Identity Card for Foreigners with the approval of the central government s comprehensive deepening reform leadership group. [1]

In April 2018, the foreign core members of the top scientific research team in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Pilot Zone that were the first to pilot can directly apply for permanent residence in China. Be the first to allow pilots to allow part-time innovation and entrepreneurship in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone.

Chinese name: Foreigner Permanent Residence Card

Foreign name: Foreign Permanent Resident ID Card

Approving authority: Ministry of Public Security of the People s Republic of China

Implementation time: June 16, 2017

Commonly known as: China Green Card

Fees: Application fee of 1,500 yuan / person, certificate fee of 300 yuan / person, loss of replacement, damage replacement of 600 yuan / person

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