Reasons why the Japanese chose to settle in Shanghai

As China’s international status gradually rises, more and more foreign friends are willing to come to China to take a look. This once the most mysterious country in the East has opened its arms to more and more foreigners. Especially in China’s major cities, headed by Beijing and Shanghai, foreigners are more commonplace. Foreigners who have seen foreigners will be surprised to see more. Now they have become accustomed to it. After living in Shanghai for many years, I gradually discovered that the city has gathered more and more foreigners, and the Japanese accounted for about 60%, reaching about 170,000. It has already surpassed the permanent population of Japan in other provinces and cities in China, so why do so many Japanese like to settle in Shanghai?
In the eyes of the Japanese, Shanghai is a city that is compatible and very open. It can absorb multiculturalism, both international metropolis-like skyscrapers and Jiangnan tenderness of small bridges. It can be said that this night scene in Shanghai has gradually become the second hometown after they left Japan. They are more and more like this metropolis. Some Japanese people wear kimonos that were only seen in Japan before. The streets and alleys of Shanghai, while feeling the atmosphere of Shanghai, also spread the local culture of Japan in the city.
Why do they like to live in China? Both Asians and neighbors, many habits and cultures are interoperable. Maybe a Japanese person is walking on the streets of China. If you don’t talk, you can’t find that this is the Japanese. They bring their culture to our country, more and more Japanese shops, more and more popular kimono experience, even Japanese can speak fluent Shanghainese with the Chinese, it can be said that it is really a culture. Collision. Of course, in order to face so many Japanese who have settled here, Shanghai has also set up a “Shanghai Japanese School” to provide them with exclusive education and learning to help them integrate into Chinese society more quickly.
On the other hand, Shanghai has been open as an international metropolis earlier, and international trade is very close to Japan. Shanghai is attracting investment from all over the world, and many Japanese companies have taken root here, and they have also brought a large number of Japanese workers. They enjoy higher wages in China than in their own countries, and their work pressure is not as great as in their own country. They enjoy the freshness and comfort that such regional cultural differences bring to them. Moreover, Shanghai’s taste is sweet, just in line with the Japanese taste, so more Japanese people do not want to leave when they come to Shanghai, and finally settled here for a long time.
When the Japanese came to China, the Oriental Pearl was the first stop for their card. Here you can enjoy the panoramic view of Shanghai as a whole, and remember the whole picture of this cosmopolitan city in your own heart. After seeing the charm of Shanghai here, I have a good impression on it and I want to live here for a while. In the end, as I became more and more in harmony with the cultural habits here, I ended up here. And many Japanese people say that living in Shanghai is similar to the rhythm of living in Tokyo. There is nothing to adapt to here, but it feels like being in China.

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