Shenzhen raises visa conditions for work visas for foreigners

According to the latest news that Mr. Qiu of Tengbo International paid close attention to, at the end of last month, on June 28, 2019, the Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Commission issued a notice on raising the salary standards for foreign workers in Shenzhen . The details are as follows:

According to the Notice of the National Bureau of Foreign Experts, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Public Security on the Full Implementation of the Work Permit System for Foreigners to Work in China (Waizhuanfa [2017 ] No. 40), when applying for a work permit for foreigners to work in China, Foreign talents with an average wage income not less than 6 times the average social wage income of the region in the previous year meet the criteria for class A foreign high-end talent recognition; foreign talents with an average wage income not less than 4 times the average social wage income of the region in the previous year qualify for category B Standards for the recognition of foreign professionals.

According to the Shenzhen Statistical Bureau s 2018 Annual Average Wage Data of Employed Persons in Urban Units in Shenzhen City , the average annual salary of employed persons in urban non-private units in Shenzhen in 2018 was 110,304 yuan, which is converted into the average monthly salary of employed persons in urban non-private units as follows: 9192 yuan. According to this, from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020, the calculation standards of wages for foreigners working in China in our city are 110304 yuan / year and 9192 yuan / month.

So, after the salary conditions have been raised, what are the latest conditions for applying for a work visa for foreigners in Shenzhen?

There are three types of foreigner work visas, namely A / B / C, each of which has different requirements and conditions, and should be selected to meet its own conditions.

I. High-end foreign talents (Class A)

Scientists, leading scientific and technological talents, international entrepreneurs, special special talents and other foreign high-end talents that are urgently needed for China s economic and social development and meet the state s focus and directory for introducing foreign talents and one of the The following conditions are identified as Class A. Implement green channel and tolerance acceptance services.

For example: foreign talents, innovative entrepreneurship talents, outstanding young talents, and scored points above 85 who are selected into the domestic talent introduction plan, meet the internationally recognized standards for professional achievement recognition, and meet the needs of market-oriented encouraged positions.

Second, foreign professionals (Class B)

For foreign professionals coming to China to work in the directory and job requirements, foreign professionals who are urgently needed for the development of China s economic and social undertakings, and meet one of the following conditions, will be determined as Category B.

1. A foreign professional with a bachelor s degree or above and 2 years or more related work experience. Meets one of the following provisions:

(1) Managers or professional technicians who are engaged in scientific research, teaching, management and other special fields such as education, scientific research, journalism, publishing, culture, art, health, and sports.

(2) Personnel who implement Chinese-foreign intergovernmental agreements, inter-organizational agreements, Chinese-foreign economic and trade, and engineering and technology contracts, and relax the age requirements for personnel dispatched by internationally renowned academic institutions and international organizations of science and education in in accordance with the terms of intergovernmental exchange and cooperation agreements.

(3) Employers of international organizations in China and representatives of overseas expert organizations in China.

(4) Middle-level and above employees dispatched by multinational companies, and chief representatives and representatives of foreign companies permanent representative offices in China.

(5) Foreign managers or professional and technical personnel employed by various enterprises, institutions, and social organizations.

2. Hold the international general vocational skills qualification certificate or urgently needed skilled talents.

3. Foreign language teaching staff.

4.Foreign talents whose average wage income is not less than 4 times the social average wage income of the previous year in the region. The average social wage of the previous year is subject to the Shenzhen Bureau of Statistics (36,000 / month in Shenzhen area )

5. Specialized personnel and project implementation personnel who meet the requirements of relevant national departments.

6. Foreign students who have obtained a bachelor s degree or above from colleges and universities in China (including universities in Hong Kong and Macau) and work in Shenzhen.

7. Professional talents with 60 or more points.

33. Other foreign personnel (Category C)

Other foreigners who meet the needs of the domestic labor market and meet the requirements of national policies

Clerks, identified as category C, include:

1. Foreigners who meet the current regulations for foreigners working in China;

2. Foreign personnel engaged in temporary and short-term work (less than 90 days);

3. Personnel implementing quota system management include foreign youths who come to China for internships according to intergovernmental agreements, foreign students who meet the required conditions, foreign graduates from overseas universities, and foreigners working in special fields such as ocean fishing.

Those who meet the above three categories can normally apply for a foreigner s work visa at a foreign expert.

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